Gourmet Big Shot

FEM’s latest Manitowoc icemaker is big on production of large gourmet cubes

Manitowoc Big Shot Ice Maker from FEM RV1365AFEM’s new Manitowoc icemaker, the Big Shot, offers a high production capacity of large gourmet cubes. Capable of producing over 2,000 crystal clear 60g gourmet cubes a day, the Big Shot icemaker ensures it can keep up with the highest demands, whilst delivering cubes that offer a better chill with a “wow” factor in terms of appearance and less dilution.

The Manitowoc Big Shot icemaker produces thimble-shaped 38mm x 45mm x 51mm cubes that are hard and long-lasting, with a slower melt rate compared to smaller cubes – meaning customers are able to enjoy the drink the way it was meant to taste, from the first sip to the last, without dilution. The gourmet cubes boast an almost 100% ice to water ratio and a large surface area, maximising its cooling capability. Being clear and eye-catching they look great in the glass and are perfect for ‘on the rocks’ drink presentation, as well as in cocktails.

The Big Shot icemakers themselves are built-to-last, with the cabinets constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel that resists corrosion. Air cooled as standard, the front to back airflow minimises the need for side clearance, enabling the machines to be fitted in a tighter space. The easy access door slides up and out of the way.

The Manitowoc Big Shot machine measures 841mm (w) x 742mm (d) x 1227mm (h) and is capable of producing 139kg of gourmet cubes per 24hr and storing 65kg.