Let the Gin Sing!

Parsley in Time’s Spanish G&T glasses enhance the look and taste of this popular drink

Parsley in Time's Schott Zwiesel copa glasses are ideal for gin and tonicGin brands are growing at an unprecedented rate, as new artisan distillers emerge, new cocktails get dreamt up and new ways to present them abound. Despite this, the classic gin and tonic is still the most popular. To make the perfect G&T you need a combination of a good quality gin and a good quality tonic served with garnish and ice – but just as important as the drink itself is what it is served in.

Parsley in Time’s Schott Zwiesel ‘Gin and Tonic’ copa glass is the best way to serve a gin and tonic. The shape of the glass not only improves the look of the drink, but it is also important when it comes to the taste. The oversized globe-shaped bowl allows plenty of room for the drink, ice and a garnish – and it lets the drinker fully appreciate the botanicals’ bouquet.

Thanks to their generous 696ml capacity, the glasses are also perfect for meeting the growing trend of gin-based cocktails. Inspired by Spanish gin bars, the Schott Zwiesel copa glasses are made from Tritan Crystal and are commercial dishwasher safe.

Measuring 178mm high with a 116mm diameter, the Schott Zwiesel copa glasses are available from Parsley in Time in boxes of 6.