New Jade Duo

Williams adds two models to its ‘top of the range’ refrigeration range

williams-new-jade-j500-cabinetWilliams Refrigeration has added two new upright cabinets to its popular Jade range.  The J400U and J500U both feature bottom-mounted refrigeration systems and increase the ‘Jade choice’ by offering new storage capacities of 410 and 523 litres respectively (the established J1 has a capacity of 620 litres).  Both are available in chilled and frozen storage versions.

“The Jade is our most popular range of products,” says Martin Laws, marketing manager at Williams.

“The new models mean we can offer a much wider choice of cabinet sizes, allowing customers to choose the model that best fits their kitchen space.  The new sizes have been developed in direct response to customer demand.” 

A key trend in kitchen design is space saving and the new Jade Slimline J400U, with a depth of just 684mm, is ideal for compact kitchens.

The bottom-mounted refrigeration system is a new departure for the Jade range. It will be especially useful in buildings with low ceilings, since it gives more room for heat expelled from the system to dissipate.  Bottom mounted units also improve access for servicing ‘in-situ.’  Another benefit is that the bottom shelf of the cabinet is higher, making it easier for staff to access goods stored there.

As with all models in the Jade range, the exterior and interior base are made using high quality foodsafe stainless steel. Williams’ CoolSmart controller allows for precise temperature control and helps to reduce energy consumption

Williams recently introduced a host of upgrades to the Jade range, enhancing robustness, functionality, food safety and energy efficiency.  Part of the company’s ‘refrigeration for the real world’ concept, the upgrades range from a radical rethink on internal airflow to the use of thicker insulation.

The new Jade cabinets use these latest advances and are designed to handle working in the toughest environments. They incorporate up to 80mm polyurethane insulation with zero ODP and low GWP, providing excellent thermal efficiency and allowing them to maintain internal temperatures in ambient environments of up to 43°C. The self-closing doors are fitted with heavy-duty balloon gaskets and have a new thermal break design that provides a 100% tight door seal, maximising temperature retention.  Heavy duty swivel castors with brakes make positioning easy.  The easy-grab, non-slip door handle is easy-to-clean with no potential dirt traps.

The two new cabinets mean the Jade family now features a choice of three single door uprights, a double door upright, a variety of counters and a blast chiller.  Further new Jade models are currently in development.  The range is available through Williams distributors.

Williams Refrigeration offers a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration including gastronorm cabinets and counters, specialist bakery equipment, coldrooms, merchandisers and blast chillers.