Locale’s new menus up ‘wow’ factor with eclectic tableware and glassware

Parsley in Time helps deliver point of difference to chic Blackheath restaurant and bar

Eye catching new glassware at Locale from Parsley in Time Locale in Blackheath is part of the London-based Locale Group and is a popular, chic restaurant and bar. A grand salvaged wooden staircase sweeps customers up to the main room with its vintage copper cocktail bar, high ceiling and signature chandeliers. The menu focuses on speciality grilled meats and seafood, cooked in a charcoal oven, and a ‘raw bar’ serving sushi and ceviche. This is a venue packed with personality so when the restaurant decided to change its food and drink menus, it went to Parsley in Time, the company specialising in the out-of-the-ordinary, for tableware and glassware to match its décor and style.

New tableware at Locale from Parsley in Time“We have always been a restaurant offering fresh and seasonal cuisine,” says Mark Evans, director of the Locale Group. “Our latest food menu features sharing grilled meats, including whole leg of suckling lamb and a Tomahawk steak, as well as fresh lobster, scallops in the shell and fruits de mer platters. On the bar our mixologists create a wonderful collection of cocktails with seasonal ingredients, fruits and botanicals.”

Locale was looking for glassware and tableware that would show off its food and drink menus to their best. At the same time the products had to be on trend and appropriate for the heritage feel of the venue.

“We have worked with Parsley in Time for many years and they have always been on hand when we have a requirement,” says Mark. “They’ve been with us as we develop different menu ideas, helping us with solutions to show off our food and drink. They offer a personal, one-to-one service where we sit and discuss ideas and solutions. Samples are no problem and allow us to play around with different ideas before we settle on something.

“We also can get different solutions for different budgets. We may go with a basic plate for regular dishes and then some signature plates for specials, to highlight them.”

Another reason for using Parsley in Time is the comprehensive range the company offers. Marketing manager Rob Blunderfield says, “The new tableware is an eclectic mix that reflects the diversity of Locale’s menu. For example, the Churchill Zen tableware is ideal for the Asian-inspired dishes, while Steelite’s Craft range is perfect for the shared joints of meat. We’ve also used products from Utopia and Artis.”

Previously Locale had mainly used traditional plain white crockery. With the new menu the restaurant wanted to introduce some colour to the table. “Through discussions and sampling of products we managed to narrow things down to get a final offering,” says Rob. “Obviously they didn’t want to throw everything away and start from scratch, so Locale introduced new items in glass, metal and different colours of crockery which worked really well with their existing white crockery. The combination of the new menu and new tableware delivers a real ‘wow’ factor.”

Mark is delighted not only with the look but also the variety of tableware he can access. “We no longer have to compromise on presentation to make it work on the plate, since there is almost an infinite choice of sizes, shapes and styles. It’s great.”

When it came to the drinks menu, Locale was looking for specific new glassware for the new cocktails. Rob says, “These days there is a huge range of different glassware designs. Bringing in a few new glasses was both a cost effective and eye catching way to showcase Locale’s expanding cocktail list.”

“The Amboise stemmed goblet is one of our favourite glasses,” says Mark. “It’s a heavyweight with bags of style. We also really like the Melodia Hi-Ball and Old-Fashioned glasses. But there’s no doubt about our favourite: it’s the Minners Martini vintage glassware, which is delightful and has a beautiful engraved design.   A great product at a really great price.”

Feedback from both staff and customers on the new menus and the new tableware and glasses has been very positive. Mark says, “We like clean designs that let the food and drink do the talking. We also like longevity and no-chip guarantees! Parsley in Time totally get all of that and they help us deliver a real point of difference.”

For more information, and to shop online, visit www.parsleyintime.co.uk.  For expert advice on tableware and light equipment, or to enquire about exclusive products, call 020 8317 5080 or email info@parsleyintime.co.uk.

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