Double the hold

Alto-Shaam 1000-UP dual compartment heated holding cabinet from FEM

Alto-Shaam 1000-UP dual compartment heated holding trolley from FEMHeated holding cabinets enable chefs to prepare food in advance or cook food off-site, and then hold it at a safe temperature ready for service. FEM’s latest Alto-Shaam heated holding cabinet, the 1000-UP model, provides twice the holding capacity on the same footprint, compared to previous models.

The Alto-Shaam 1000-UP is a dual compartment holding cabinet capable of holding up to 108kg of food or 16 450x650mm sheet pans. The cabinet can be used to hold all types of foods, including meats, poultry, potatoes, fish, vegetables and casseroles – keeping them fresh, flavourful and hot. It’s an ideal solution for banqueting and events as the food can be planned, prepared and cooked, before being held until ready to serve.Each holding compartment has an independent adjustable thermostat with a temperature range of 16˚ to 93˚ ensuring food is kept at a consistent temperature, throughout the cabinet. The cabinet also features simple-to-use controls, an easy-to-read digital display and casters for effortless manoeuvrability.

FEM’s holding cabinets benefit from Alto-Shaam’s innovative Halo Heat system, which provides a controlled, uniform heat source that gently and evenly warms, prolonging the holding life of food, ensuring better appearance and taste. With Halo Heat there are no cold or hot spots, no air movement, which dries out food, and the cabinet radiates less ambient heat.

The Alto-Shaam 1000-UP holding cabinet not only maintains food quality, but also helps caterers maintain their bottom line with low energy use, less shrinkage, no water required and the ability to make use of off-peak electricity.

The 1000-UP’s stainless steel construction resists corrosion and makes it extremely durable for use in busy catering kitchens. Each compartment also has a 22 gauge stainless steel door that has a handle impregnated with antimicrobial additives for increased food safety.