Sustainable warewashing at Conscious Hospitality Show 2015

Winterhalter will show how its machines reduce running costs and the environmental impact of warewashing at this year’s show

Winterhalter will show how it's machines reduce running costs at Concious Hospitality Show 2015The Restaurant Show, stand UD41, London Olympia, 5th – 7th October

Attendees at this year’s Conscious Hospitality Show will discover how Winterhalter machines reduce running costs and the environmental impact of warewashing. Conscious Hospitality is part of the Restaurant Show, which takes place at Olympia London, 5th – 7th October 2015.

As warewashers are heavy consumers of water, power and chemicals, it is becoming increasingly important to make them more sustainable. Winterhalter’s resource-saving machines are not only economical, requiring less energy, water and chemicals than conventional washers, they also produce outstanding wash results.

“For any business assessing its green credentials it is essential to look at how energy, water and chemical consumption can be reduced in the warewashing operation,” says Paul Crowley, marketing manager of Winterhalter UK.

For example, Winterhalter’s PT Series is the only passthrough warewasher to have energy-saving heat exchanger technology fitted as standard. This extracts energy from waste water, using it to heat incoming cold water, reducing costs by up to 10%.

The company’s popular UC Series of undercounter units reduces water use with its elliptical wash fields. These concentrate water jets and pressure to efficiently cover the entire wash cabinet. Winterhalter also offers a UC Energy Model, which uses a heat recovery system to use energy from the waste steam to heat water for the next wash cycle.

Winterhalter’s STR conveyor warewasher offers a two-stage economy rinse that helps save water, while the latest MT Series provides a controlled start-up feature to reduce energy consumption.

“As its name suggests, the Conscious Hospitality Show is all about discussing ways we can make the hospitality industry greener and more economical,” says Paul. “By highlighting the latest resource-saving technologies, we hope to demonstrate how warewashing can be increasingly more sustainable in modern foodservice.”