Clean Chemicals: Winterhalter’s UC Series Now Features a Filling Funnel

Filling Funnel for UC SeriesThe new filling funnel for Winterhalter’s popular UC Series makes adding chemicals and rinse aids safe, accurate and stress-free

Chemicals and rinse aids are critical to a warewasher’s wash cycle, so using the appropriate amount is paramount. Too much can be costly and wasteful, and too little may not give the required results. To make this process as easy and stress-free as possible, Winterhalter has introduced a filling funnel for its UC Series.

The filling funnel locks onto the opening of the UC’s built-in chemical container. It features a floating orange switch that clearly shows when the maximum filling volume is reached, ensuring the exact amount of chemicals needed is loaded time and time again.

With the possibility of spillage, adding chemicals and rinse aid to a warewasher can be fiddly and time consuming. The funnel has a generous opening, making it easy to pour substances into the machine, significantly reducing the chances of spillage. It also features an interlinking catch on the chemical door, which ensures stability when dosing the detergents.

All new UC machines will include the filling funnel and customers with older units can purchase it separately at £47rrp.