Eye-catching ice for The Hoste

Iconic boutique hotel installs a Scotsman in the cellar

Scotsman ice machine at The HosteThe Hoste is one of Norfolk’s most iconic boutique hotels, lying in the heart of the Royal Coast. It has a great reputation, both with travellers and locals, for individual style and excellent service. Six out of ten people who stay at the hotel become regular guests.   With 62 bedrooms, three restaurant areas, two bars and a walled garden for functions, as well as an outside drinking area, the hotel can be serving as many as 520 customers at any one time. And that calls for a lot of ice!

Recently The Hoste installed a Scotsman ice maker – a modular unit capable of producing up to 320kg, or 24,500 cubes, per day. It is sited in the cellar, mounted on a 195kg capacity ice storage bin, and provides all the ice the hotel needs, not only for drinks service but also for the kitchen, for display and for serving dishes like fresh local oysters.

“Presentation is vital in a hotel like The Hoste,” says James Sanders, Hotel Manager. “Typically we’ll serve 2,000 drinks with ice a day. One of our most popular is Pimms and lemonade, served with lots of chopped fruit and mint in a big bowl glass with loads of ice. It’s eye-catching and the ice has to be fresh and crystal clear.”

The Hoste also offers an extensive menu of cocktails, which all use the 10g dice cubes. “The Scotsman cubes are just the right size for crushing – it makes a great bit of theatre,” says James.

Sustainability is also important for The Hoste. “Obviously the more energy and water efficient the ice maker, the better for the business. But it’s also about buying equipment that’s built to last,” says James. “That’s why we went for a Scotsman. Not only is the brand reliable, the service support is excellent too. Plus, it’s easy to look after – because cleaning is simple and quick, staff can spend more time with the customers.”

Routine cleaning is made easy by features like removable water distribution tubes and air filters. Meanwhile selected components likely to come into contact with the ice are embedded with Ag-lon, an antimicrobial agent.

The Scotsman range is marketed in the UK by Hubbard Systems. The ice maker at The Hoste was installed by Norfolk Refrigeration and Catering of Kings Lynn. Managing director Ian Ellis says, “Scotsman’s reliability and quality are ideal for a busy hotel like The Hoste. They’re also designed to be easy to maintain, which is ideal for service engineers!”

For more information on the full range of Scotsman ice machines, and details of local stockists, freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045email sales@hubbardsystems.co.ukmailto:sales@hubbardice.co.uk or visit www.scotsman-ice.co.uk