Official TPW World Cup Sweepstake

Has Tim picked a winner?We’ve drawn out names, wracked our brains and researched hard…. Must be time for the official TPW office World Cup sweepstake.

Not content with a simple name-out-of-a-hat draw, this year we’ve gone for not one but THREE sweepstakes.

First up we’ve each drawn a team – whoever’s team progresses past the group stages gets a cut of the winnings. Here the fight lies in Group D between Alison, patriotic with England, and Tim, with twice-champions Uruguay. Having picked out Columbia I think it may be me drowning my sorrows with a Caipirinha.

For the second draw we’ve picked out Groups – whoever’s Group holds the winning team takes home the prize. I think it’s a battle here between Alison’s Group A, with the pundits’ favourites Brazil, Callum’s Group F, with Argentina, and Toni’s Group B with reigning champs Spain.

The third sweepstake tested our research and guesstimation skills to the limits.  We had to predict the total number of goals to be scored throughout the whole tournament. Optimistic Callum has gone for 188 – let’s hope they don’t all end up in the back of Joe Hart’s net!

With the World Cup starting tomorrow, it’s the hora da onca beber agua (moment of truth)….