FEM and Sirman put the heat on the sous-vide revolution

Vac Packer & Sous VideIn recent years sous-vide cookery has entered the food service industry’s consciousness after gaining popularity with gourmet chefs. Cooking sous-vide helps retain the flavour, aroma and nutritional value of food while reducing shrinkage and helping to guarantee consistent results. The latest Sirman vacuum packer and water baths, available through Foodservice Equipment Marketing, provide a complete sous-vide package for professional kitchens.

The Easyvac Compact Vacuum Packer is a compact, fast machine ideal for sealing small items. Vacuum and sealing time are programmable from the front panel, which shows the vacuum percentage and counts down the remaining time. It also displays machine status and maintenance reminders. An optional tube allows for vacuum sealing of larger items in an external vacuum chamber, available separately. The compact vacuum packer is the ideal product for kitchens where space is at a premium. Two different models are available, measuring either 390mm (w) x360mm (d) x300mm (h) or 565mm (w) x360mm (d) x300mm (h) respectively.

The cooking process for sous-vide involves maintaining water at static temperatures over fixed periods of time. Sirman water baths are constructed from stainless steel and incorporate simple to operate control systems in order to maintain precise temperatures for as long as required. The display allows the user to see the temperature at a glance, and up to five programmes can be stored within the machine. The water baths have handles for easy carrying, while the heating elements are protected with a shock-proof material to maximise working life. The list price for Easyvac is £1,570 with water baths starting at £590.