Blast Chill Special: Hot Stuff!

Williams’ latest Reach-in Blast Chillers and Freezers can handle hotter food and deliver superior qualityThe Williams WBC10 undercounter blast chiller freezer

Whereas conventional blast chillers can only handle food up to 70°C, Williams’ latest models can handle food at 90°C – and still cool it to 3°C within 90 minutes.  It saves time, since chefs don’t have to hang about waiting for food to cool.

Meanwhile The Williams AirSmart airflow system ensures even product chilling or freezing. It also eliminates product dehydration and ensures food is maintained in the best possible condition.

Powerful, energy efficient fans and the equalised air pressure chamber ensure the air flows evenly and gently over all the products, throughout the chamber.  Chilling or freezing is uniform and the product stays in perfect condition: Airflow eliminates the risk of dehydration, skinning or damage so that food maintains taste, texture, aroma, appearance and nutritional value.  Even delicate foods, such as gateaux, are protected, with not a single chocolate flake ruffled.

The latest cabinet Blast Chiller Freezers from Williams feature  (WBCF) range is designed to suit catering operations large and small, offering capacities from 50kg to 10kg.

Williams blast chillers offer the option of soft or hard chill.  Soft chilling is a gentler process that ensures delicate products, such as fish, fruit and vegetables, do not develop ice crystals.  Hard chilling is suitable for denser foods such as meat, casseroles and lasagne.  Here the air flow drops below freezing to maintain safety while ensuring the product stays in prime condition.

Meanwhile the cabinets’ Williams Easy Blast (WEB) ‘1, 2, 3’ control panel is a simple to operate system using three easy steps to initiate the blast chill or freeze cycle: select soft chill, hard chill or freeze, select timed cycle or temperature probe-control, and push ‘start’.  Soft chilling ensures that delicate foods can be cooled without damage, while denser foods are chilled safely using the more powerful ‘hard’ option. Once a cycle has been completed, all models then switch to storage mode. This holds the product at the right temperature until the operator is ready to transfer it.

To simplify servicing and maintenance the cabinets have an easy-to-access integral refrigeration system and controller diagnostics. The internal radiused corners optimise airflow and, with the fully removable trayslides and racking, make for easy cleaning.

Standard features include stainless steel construction and 75mm, environmentally-friendly, zero ODP foam insulation for excellent thermal efficiency.  Automatic defrost operates at the end of every cycle, and the cabinets are supplied with anti-condensation heaters and alarms to alert staff that a chill/freeze cycle is complete. All cabinets are provided with heavy duty swivel and brake castors.

The range offers a choice of five sizes from the under counter WBCF10, with a capacity of 10kg, to the WBCF50, which can chill or freeze 50kg of food and can accommodate up to 13 gastronorm pans. All models rapidly reduce the temperature of hot foods from +90°C down to +3°C in 90 minutes (blast chill) or down to -18°C in 240 minutes (blast freeze).

Williams Refrigeration offers a comprehensive range of solutions, from commercial refrigeration to bakery equipment and including a market-leading choice of gastronorm cabinets, modular storage and reach-in and roll-in blast chillers.

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