TeamAssist: advanced restaurant training technology offers dynamic, eco-friendly, cost-saving features

Hotelympia Technology Product Launch

Stand S1940, Hotelympia, ExCeL London, Feb 26 – March 1 2012

At Hotelympia, Call Systems Technology (CST) will showcase ConnectSmart® TeamAssist from QSR Automations®, a new training and reference software solution.  Aimed at restaurants, the system dynamically enhances the presentation of information, making training more effective, alleviating stress and reducing costs.  With TeamAssist, it’s easy to create, maintain and present key information for all members of staff, covering every area of operation from recipes to maintenance activities.  The intuitive, graphical information is available via touch screens, whenever and wherever it’s needed. 

A key TeamAssist feature is its recipe viewer.  The recipe viewer allows chefs to call up quick reminders and thus helps maintain food quality and consistency – an especially important feature for a restaurant group.  Using touchscreens in the kitchen, chefs and support staff can instantly access recipes with the touch of a screen for active menu items, or for any menu item at any time.  The screens thus offer an eco-friendly alternative to the costly printing of menu cards and recipe books that often clutter the kitchen.  They also bring a new dynamic to recipe presentation – for example, chefs can quickly and easily look up ingredients, cooking methods and presentation guides, using photos and videos to make the information easier to assimilate.  Meanwhile the intuitive tabs menu makes it easy to find files.  

TeamAssist is a standalone product and can also be used with the fully integrated ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK), QSR’s kitchen automation system.  When used in conjunction with the CSK, TeamAssist can be configured so that different screens only show the sections of the menu items that are appropriate for that station.   For example, the screen for the meal assembler in a restaurant kitchen will show the Expo View, where key information about presentation of the menu item is provided.  At the same time, the screen for the chef cooking the meal will display the Prep View for that same menu item, with information about ingredients and cooking procedures.

Additionally, maintenance tasks can be shown on screen, such as shutting down a grill or cleaning washrooms, for training and refreshing knowledge of routine procedures. 

TeamAssist runs as a web client on any web browser, so it is very easy to upload and update information.  In addition to using photos and videos, when connected to the internet TeamAssist can make use of weblinks to provide additional support. 

The system can be used both by groups and individual restaurants.  The enterprise version allows a central office to administer and update the information online, for use in all its sites. 

TeamAssist also offers multi language support so staff whose first language is not English can benefit from the training and reference library. 

“TeamAssist is a very cost-effective way to train and refresh staff knowledge while ensuring quality controls,” says Ashley Sheppard of CST.  “Because the information is always on hand right where it’s needed, it helps staff day-to-day and takes away potential problems.  For example, chefs can quickly check how a dish should look if they haven’t prepared it for a while.” 

Call Systems Technology is the strategic partner for QSR Automations in the UK and Europe.  For details, freephone 0800 389 5642, call 020 8381 1338, email the company at or visit the CST website