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Butcher, Baker, Utensil Washer Maker

20 March 2012

Energy saving utensil washers for butchers and bakers from Winterhalter Butchers and bakers require a fast, efficient, multi-functioning utensil washer that is capable of meeting rigorous hygiene regulations and removing stubborn or baked-on grime from utensils, pots and pans. Winterhalter’s GS600 Series of high-capacity front-loading utensil washers features Energy models which employ user-friendly technology to deliver the best results from the least water, detergents and energy.

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Fine Dining Bread and Water

20 February 2012

Classeq Eau de Vie’s sustainable alternative to bottled mineral water, available at Bread Street Kitchen. Bread Street Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay Holding’s new ‘relaxed dining experience’, serves a sustainable alternative to traditional branded mineral water, Eau de Vie system from Classeq.  The system filters and chills mains water, offering still or sparkling variants that are served in upmarket, reusable bottles. Eau de Vie is the exclusive water served at Bread Street Kitchen; a lively and exciting new restaurant and bar in...

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Bottled Water On Tap At Hotelympia

5 December 2011

Hotelympia New Product Alert Classeq launches new products from Eau de Vie; plus latest ‘best in class’ British manufactured dish and glasswashers; plus Ice-O-Matic energy-saving ice makers.    Classeq will feature its radical new bottled water concept, Eau de Vie, with new models and bottles as well as a new, budget-friendly rental scheme.  Also on show are the company’s British-manufactured glass and dishwashers, now including features normally associated only with top-end machines.  Last but not least is a selection from...

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