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The Merchant Hotel’s Greener Warewashers

6 March 2012

Resource-saving dishwashers and glasswashers help deliver 5 star service at top Belfast hotel The Merchant Hotel in Belfast is indisputably the most prestigious hotel in Northern Ireland and one of the UK’s great venues.  A former bank HQ, built in 1860, with a recently-added art deco-style extension, it offers guests a luxurious one-stop experience: fine dining restaurant, night club, cocktail bar, pub, spa, jazz bar and the biggest bedrooms in Ireland.  It also boasts busy conference, event and wedding venue...

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The steamless warewasher – perfect for Victorian tunnels

23 January 2012

Minotaur 3* pop-up restaurant goes for Winterhalter’s fast, efficient, easy to use (and steam-free) warewashers.    The Minotaur must hold a record as one of the most unusual restaurant venues ever.  Sited in the labyrinthine Victorian tunnels under Waterloo station, it popped up for just two weeks in October 2011.  Having found their way through mazes hung with eye-popping artwork, customers ate three star Michelin food off tables made of old scaffolding planks. 

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Classeq warewashers at Barnsley College clean up after students

9 January 2012

Learning To Cook – Fresh Ingredients And No Clutter Barnsley College is receiving glowing reports from OFSTED and has been awarded Beacon Status from the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS). It’s sited on its own campus in a brand new state-of-the-art building. The newly finished catering school, which teaches students practical as well as managerial skills, is a gleaming stainless steel paradise.

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Glass Washing Doesn’t Get Any Sexier Than This

12 December 2011

Winterhalter now offers undercounter glasswashers with glass doors and striking blue interior lighting. High tech dishwashers can do wonders for hygiene and convenience, but tend not to be noticed behind the bar. That’s set to change with Winterhalter’s latest UC Series machines with glass doors and blue interior lighting.

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Five ways to keep your glass and dishwasher in top form over the Christmas rush

24 November 2011

British warewasher manufacturer Classeq offers advice There’s no getting away from the fact that Christmas is the busiest time of the year in the hospitality industry. Both staff and machines are working overtime and any weak points in the operation will soon crack under the pressure. It pays to take a few moments to check out vital equipment to ensure there won’t be any hitches in the festive service.

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