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Frima upgrade adds more cooking processes, improves control panel and enhances HACCP

The latest Frima upgrade includes a new control panel designLatest software can be retrofitted to older VarioCooking Center units, too – and it’s free

The latest software for Frima’s hi-tech VarioCooking Center includes new cooking processes, advanced HACCP logging and a new control panel display that’s even more intuitive and user-friendly than before.  Best of all, the upgrade is not only available on all new Frima units, it can also be downloaded, for free, onto existing VarioCooking Centers, so owners of older models can benefit from the upgrades.  Frima UK is part of Rational UK and the download is available from frima-online.com.


Cooking doesn’t get any more multifunctional than this…

Frima cooks live at The Great Hospitality Show 2017

NEC Birmingham, January 23-25 Stand 320

frimas-multifunctional-variocooking-center-is-cooking-live-at-hospitality-2017Expert chefs will be test driving the latest hi-tech multifunctional cooking technology at Hospitality 2017.  Frima’s VarioCooking Center can boil, fry, deep fry and confit, replacing griddles, kettles, bratt pans, large pots and fryers.  Alongside all its cooking processes it can also slow cook overnight and fast cook under pressure.  It takes the concept of multifunctionality to a new level, says the company – as visitors to the Show will be able to see for themselves.


Frima shows new factory to UK partner network

“Fantastic trip” for 15 UK catering equipment companies

graham-kille-of-frima-uk-second-left-accompanying-the-frima-business-partner-visit-to-the-new-factoryOn 13th and 14th October, 26 foodservice professionals representing 15 leading catering equipment distributors and kitchen design houses visited the new Frima factory extension, in Wittenheim, Alsace. The new factory has doubled the company’s production capacity and has been built to keep up with increasing demand for the multifunctional VarioCooking Center cooking technology.

Graham Kille is managing director of Frima UK.  “These trips give our partners the chance to get training on the VarioCooking Center and learn about our business and the partner programme,” he says.  “There is also the chance to network and find out about the opportunities and issues they face in designing modern commercial kitchens.  The trips are very popular and, as our dealer partner network grows, we will be arranging more of them.”


TUCO Conference 2016: University research proves Frima cuts energy and water consumption significantly

Frima at TUCO Conference 2016, Stand 111, University of Exeter, 25th – 27th July 2016

Frima's 112L VarioCooking CenterA recent project by researchers from Zurich University showed that kitchens using Frima appliances can reduce energy and water consumption significantly – and produce a greater variety and volume of meals, in less space. Plus, they’re four times faster than conventional appliances. At the TUCO Conference, Frima will show two VarioCooking Centers on stand 111 – the large volume 211+ and the new, compact 112L.  (more…)

All-in-2: Frima and Rational combine to offer the modern kitchen solution

Save energy and water, increase production, reduce kitchen footprint

All-in-2 from Frima and RationalFrima and Rational have teamed up to launch a new cooking concept called All-in-2.  It combines two market leading multifunctional appliances, the SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses and the VarioCooking Center Multificiency, and is designed to answer the needs of the modern kitchen: energy and water saving, a compact footprint, consistent, high quality cooking results, high production capacity and lower costs.


Frima appoints new Regional Development Chef for the south and south-west

Experienced chef says experiencing a Frima first-hand is the best way to understand its benefits

Tim Calvert new Frima development chefFrima UK has appointed Tim Calvert as its new Regional Development Chef with responsibility for the south and south-west of England.

An experienced chef with lifelong experience of the hospitality business, Tim’s parents owned pubs and hotels and he has run pubs himself. In his previous role as Development Chef for Rational Tim helped to grow business in his area by 75%.

“I am delighted to be joining Frima UK,” says Tim. “Working with a market-leading manufacturer of catering equipment, helping to demonstrate the benefits of cutting-edge cooking technology is an exciting prospect!


Capacity to bridge the gap: FRIMA launches new VarioCooking Center

Market-leader responds to customer demand for flexible, 50 litre option

FRIMA's new VarioCooking Center 112LFrima has launched a new VarioCooking Center.  The 112L is a two-pan unit, each with a capacity of 25 litres.  Previous Frima two-pan units have had 14 litre pans and the new model was developed in direct response to customer demand.

Like the recently launched 112T, the new unit is a counter top model that can easily be installed on the work bench, on a stand or elsewhere.  Thus even small kitchens can benefit from its high capacity, multifunctional cooking abilities. And the VarioCooking Center 112L is truly multifunctional: it can replace griddles, kettles, bratt pans, large pots and fryers and can be used to fry, deep fry, boil and confit.


Restaurant Show 2014: hi-tech live cooking

FRIMA demonstrates advanced, multifunction VarioCooking Center 112T; visitors can book a four-week trialFRIMA's versatile new VarioCooking Center will be 'cooking live' at the Restaurant Show

Stand A41, Restaurant Show, Earls Court 2, 6-8 October

Visitors will get the chance to see the market’s most advanced multifunction cooking appliance in action at the Restaurant Show.  FRIMA will be running live cooking demonstrations of its new, compact VarioCooking Center Multificiency 112T.  This hi-tech table-top unit combines ultra-precise temperature controls, automatic cooking processes and intelligent software to make boiling, grilling, frying and even cooking techniques like sous-vide and confit simple. (more…)

FRIMA UK expands team

Growing interest in VarioCooking Center multifunction appliance is boosted by launch of new model

Matthew O'Hagan of FRIMAMatthew O’Hagan is FRIMA UK’s new regional sales manager for London. Matthew is not only an experienced catering industry sales executive, having worked with top hospitality brands such as Carlsberg and Pepsico, but also a professional chef who has cooked alongside the likes of Angela Hartnett and Luke Holder.

“I’m excited to join FRIMA UK,” he says.  “This is a fast moving industry and the VarioCooking Center is a truly innovative product, it’s got enormous potential in any modern kitchen design.  This job lets me bring together my sales background and cooking, which is my passion.”

Matthew is tasked with helping FRIMA realise the huge sales potential of the VarioCooking Center in the UK.


Heston’s Roast with a Twist, with Rational

SelfCookingCenters help C4’s Great British Roast at Castell Coch

Rational helped Heston make a Great British roastAs part of the C4’s Great British Food series, one of the programmes involves Heston Blumenthal cooking outside on location for a special event, at Castell Coch in Cardiff.  As usual with Heston’s eye-popping recipes, the cooking has to be absolutely precise to create the ‘fantastical’ dish perfectly.

The filming crew’s normal suppliers weren’t able to get Rational combi steamers to the site in time, so the producers turned to Rational UK, who agreed to step in and supply them.  (more…)