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LACA Stop Press: Rational and Frima launch All-in-2

Two market leaders, one proven space-saving multifunctional school kitchen design

Ivie Bello-Osagie has the All-in-2 from Frima and Rational in her school kitchenThe LACA Main Event will see the launch of All-in-2, a new kitchen design concept from Frima and Rational.  Designed to answer the needs of the modern school kitchen, it combines two market-leading multifunctional appliances, the SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses and the VarioCooking Center Multificiency, to allow caterers to cook everything they need in a compact cookline.  As well as saving space compared to conventional appliances, All-in-2 also saves energy and water while delivering consistent, high-quality cooking results, a high production capacity and lower running costs.


Bradford Grammar School’s new Frima 311+ saves up to 15% on meat costs

Bradford Grammar School’s new Frima has helped save time and money, reducing spend on raw ingredients

Dean Winter, executive chef at Bradford Grammar SchoolBradford Grammar School’s busy catering operation features a full breakfast menu, snacks during break, and a lunch service that feeds up to 1000 pupils daily. With just one servery, peak times between 12.05 and 13.30 are “fairly frantic,” says executive chef Dean Winter.

Dean joined the school just over a year ago. Before he started he went to another school to familiarise himself with its catering operations and it was here he witnessed firsthand the Frima VarioCooking Center Multificiency in action.

“I saw its capabilities and as soon as I started at Bradford it went straight on my wish list.”


Shape-up school dining rooms

Moffat’s innovative Cube Clearing Trolleys clear up after school meal times

Moffat's Cube Clearing TrolleySchool meal times are not only important for fuelling children’s bodies, they are a valuable learning experience – teaching children about social responsibilities and encouraging them to take an active role in helping to clear away after their meal. This is of particular importance when the dining room is also the school hall and used for lessons, meetings or assemblies after lunch.

That’s why Moffat has launched a ‘quick clear’ Cube Clearing Trolley, part of the popular Versiclear range. This eye-catching mobile clear-away trolley is designed to double the useable area for school children to dispose of food waste and deposit trays and crockery and reduce clearing time. It conveniently folds into itself when not in use, so is compact and easy to store.


From school meals to cookery club, Rational combi-steamer takes the biscuit

Rational’s SelfCookingCenter speeds up catering at Aldborough village primary school, Norfolk

Aldborough SchoolSchool meals are never far from the headlines. Often the focus is on nutritional values, but currently the proposed introduction of free school meals for all children from reception to Year 2 is causing schools to question their catering arrangements. Aldborough Primary School in Norfolk is a typical village school with a role of around 140. The kitchen not only caters for pupils at Aldborough but acts as a hub for two other primary schools, Colby and Erpingham situated nearby. Altogether the Aldborough kitchen produces between 100 and 150 cooked lunches per day. Recently, to cope with demand and ease working practices in the kitchen, Aldborough has installed a ten-grid Rational SelfCookingCenter combi-steamer. “It’s brilliant,” says Tracy Hindry, cook at the school. “We cook everything in it now, we don’t use any other cooker. I can’t imagine how we managed before.” (more…)

Historic school gets state-of-the-art catering facilities

FRIMA makes sure pupils get food fast at Charterhouse

Gael Daval of Charterhouse with the FRIMA VarioCooking Center 112Charterhouse, a leading independent school with a 400 year history, moved from London to its current 250 acre site in Godalming, Surrey in 1872. It’s a stunning campus with beautiful old buildings and rolling playing fields. Inside the buildings, ancient and modern mingle in harmony and state-of-the-art rules, especially in the new kitchen that was up and running for the 2013 autumn term.


Move on up – how to cope with increasing school meal numbers

Moffat’s Versicarte mobile counters make best use of space in school dining areas

Versicarte yellow group of mobile counters from MoffatThe pressure on primary school caterers is set to increase as the numbers of hot meals served is expected to rise significantly in September, with the introduction of free school meals for all children in the reception to Y2 age range.

Primary schools are looking for ways to increase their dining capacity without encroaching on teaching space or resorting to new build. Moffat’s British-built Versicarte mobile servery counters are an ideal solution. They allow caterers to change the layout of the food service area as numbers increase, and, after serving, the Versicarte units can be wheeled away to allow the space to be used for other purposes.


More free school meals in September – the squeeze is on

Rational’s SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® offers school caterers a space-saving solution

School catering with a Rational combi steamerThe Government’s current pledge that in September 2014 it will fund schools in England to provide every child in reception, year 1 and year 2 with a hot, nutritious meal at lunchtime is putting tremendous pressure on school caterers. Whether old or new, school kitchens tend to be tight on space and will find it difficult to accommodate extra equipment to expand their capacity.  (more…)

Brilliant warewashers go to school

Winterhalter’s new PT Series warewashers offer schools a fast, exceptionally clean wash while keeping costs down

Winterhalter's new PT Series tick all the right boxesA recent poll collated by the Children’s Food Trust shows that school meal take-up in England is on the rise for the fourth year in a row*. The knock on effect of this is that there is escalating pressure on the warewashing side of the catering operation to cope with increased throughput while keeping costs down.

Winterhalter’s new PT Series passthrough warewashers tick all the boxes for money conscious school catering managers. The machines are energy efficient, fast, clean, with low water consumption, and easy to use – plus, the machine and the wash programmes can be customised to ensure the best possible results, whatever the local conditions and whatever is being washed.  (more…)

Moffat Versicarte food service trolleys bring London Games kudos to school meals

Southampton Parents Welcome Schools’ Olympic Legacy Catering Equipment

Selection of units from Moffat's Versicarte rangeFeeding 10,000 school children every day is no easy task, especially when dealing with a variety of different school buildings and layouts.  Southampton school meals service uses Versicarte trolleys, from British manufacturer E & R Moffat, throughout its foodservice operation.  Recently, when more Versicartes were needed for the ‘fleet’, Southampton struck lucky: they were able to get them at less than half price, thanks to the Olympic Legacy agreement.


LACA product news: Moffat’s new heated Grab and Go merchandisers keep hot food fresh

The Main Event, LACA conference and exhibition, Hilton Birmingham Metropole, July 10-12 2013

Moffat Grab and Go merchandiserMoffat will show its latest Grab and Go merchandiser display cabinet for hot food at the LACA 2013 Conference, alongside its ever-popular Versicarte range of mobile servery units for school catering. 

“An increasing number of schools are buying Grab and Go units, in response to student demand for high-street type catering,” says Gary Allen, Sales Director of Moffat.  Moffat has developed a special circulating air system that gently warms the product without making it soggy or dry out – so it stays hot and fresh for longer.  “Where schools can score against the high street is in offering tasty, healthy food.  These heated units help maintain food quality.”