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Snap your KP on 22 June – KP day helps raise cash for the Springboard Charity

30 May 2017

Winterhalter is giving £1 for every KP snap! 22 June 2017 is National KP Day, when the kitchen brigade gets to have a bit of fun and raise cash for Springboard, the charity that helps young and disadvantaged people gain employment in the hospitality industry. Got a great kitchen porter in your kitchen?  Or one with a sense of humour?  Then take a photo of them and tweet it with the hashtag #kpday.  For every tweet, warewasher specialist Winterhalter will...

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“KPs are the key players in the kitchen” says chef Duncan Miller

11 July 2016

With £10k-worth of prizes in KP of the Year 2016, more chefs shout out for their KPs John Whyte and Duncan Miller work at two of Northern Ireland’s most popular hospitality establishments, the former head chef at Armagh City Hotel, the latter Galgorm Resort & Spa. Both spoke in support of Winterhalter’s Kitchen Porter of the Year awards, discussing the KP’s importance not just in their restaurants, but in any commercial kitchen. “Our hotel has a five-star rating, and it’s...

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Winterhalter manager becomes KP hero for charity

4 July 2016

Isiseko Summer Party raises over £3k for homeless children in S. Africa Is YOUR KP a hero?  Nominate them for KP of the Year 2016 Each year the folk at Winterhalter pick one of their own to spend a shift being a KP.  It’s partly to promote the KP of the Year Awards, which were conceived by Winterhalter, but also to highlight the hard work and dedication of kitchen porters up and down the land.  At the same time, it’s...

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