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Step Forward, Bartek Malek: Kitchen Porter of the Year 2013

KP wins prizes worth over £12,500 in awards conceived and sponsored by Winterhalter

KP of the Year Bartek Malek, centre, with executive chef Simon Young, right, and Stephen Kinkead of WinterhalterBartek Malek of the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge is the 2013 Kitchen Porter of the year. The award, conceived and sponsored by Winterhalter, is designed to celebrate the huge, often overlooked contribution that KPs make to the foodservice industry.

As KP of the Year Bartek has won £500 cash and an unforgettable experience – a night out with five colleagues at the chef’s table in a Michelin Star restaurant. Plus, for his workplace, he’s won a brand new Winterhalter pass-through warewasher worth an estimated £12,000.  (more…)

Will your KP win you a £12k pass through dishwasher?

Winterhalter announces extra prize for KP of the year Awards

Winterhalter will give away one of its new pass through mahcines in the KP of the Year 2013 Awards.The search is on for the KP of the Year, in a competition backed by Winterhalter, the market leading warewasher manufacturer.  Now Winterhalter has confirmed that, alongside cash and other prizes for the winner, the KP of the Year’s establishment will win a pass-through warewasher worth £12,000.  The warewasher is the new, advanced hood machine being launched by Winterhalter in September 2013.

Top chefs have voiced their support for the KP of the Year competition, including Francis Atkins of the Yorke Arms, who says “A good KP is pure gold in the operation of an efficient and productive kitchen.  I see this award as being instrumental in encouraging young people to enter kitchens to learn and progress, so they have targets and enjoyment throughout their work and receive respect from their peers.” (more…)

From MD to KP: Winterhalter boss sweats a shift for Sat Bains

Kinkead admits he’s unlikely to be candidate for Kitchen Porter of the Year Winterhalter's Stephen Kinkead worked as KP under Sat Bains

Being a kitchen porter is one of the most physically demanding jobs in the hospitality market.  Winterhalter has launched a competition to find the KP of the year and, as part of the promotional activity around the event, the company’s managing director, Stephen Kinkead, worked as a KP at Sat Bains’ restaurant in Nottingham.  (more…)

Is the Kitchen Porter of the Year working in your kitchen?

Winterhalter’s competition gets support from leading chefs

Winterhalter is looking for the KP of the YearWarewashing specialist Winterhalter has launched a competition to find the Kitchen Porter of the Year.

“Kitchen Porters are the Cinderellas of the catering kitchen, doing the work no-one else wants to do,” says Stephen Kinkead, managing director of Winterhalter UK . “Without them, who would clean, carry, scrub, scrape, operate warewashers, stack dishes…? They are the backbone of the foodservice industry.  What’s more, many of them go on to great things, as chefs, managers, proprietors and so on.  (more…)

What’s the KPP rating of your dishwasher?

One Winterhalter MTR2 equals just over seven kitchen porters

It’s generally recognised that a modern warewasher is going to be quicker at washing dishes than a kitchen porter – but by how much?

Recently Winterhalter went to the busy Cafe in the Crypt restaurant underneath St Martin’s in the Field Church, Trafalgar Square, London to pit the in-house Winterhalter MTR2 against a kitchen porter to properly measure kitchen porter power (KPP). (more…)