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Refrigeration special: slim… slimmer… Williams Jade J300

Ultra-slim cabinet for ultra-small kitchens

Williams has expanded its ‘Small Kitchen’ range of slimline refrigeration with the launch of the Jade J300 – with a footprint of just 595mm by 684mm, it’s the company’s slimmest-ever upright cabinet.

As operators go for smaller and smaller kitchens, the demand for compact fridges is increasing rapidly.  However, compact doesn’t mean inferior: chefs still need the quality that can cope with pressure, lots of door openings and ambient temperatures up to 43°C.  That’s why Williams continues to base its compact fridges around the flagship Jade model.   (more…)

Williams shows refrigeration for the coffee shop market

Stand D36, Caffé Culture Show, 13-14 May 2015 Olympia London

Williams Refrigeration will be returning to Caffe Culture Show this year stand D36At the 2015 Caffé Culture Show Williams will be showing a range of refrigeration essential to anyone operating in the coffee shop sector. From front-of-house display units to back-bar bottle coolers, space-saving kitchen refrigeration and preparation units, Williams can provide the solution.

Front-of-house, the SC1200 Gem Sandwich Chiller is designed expressly to give customers open, easy access to grab & go products including sandwiches, dairy items, cakes and drinks. It is finished in attractive, highly mirrored stainless steel to fit in with any setting. The chiller also incorporates Williams’ innovative new energy-saving ‘air curtain’ concept, which allows customers free access to the products while keeping the cold air inside the display. (more…)

Refrigeration and free school meals

Advice from Williams Refrigeration

Williams prep well is ideal for smaller kitchensThe free school meals initiative will place extra pressure on catering staff and kitchen equipment – none more so than refrigeration.

Every infant school could need extra refrigeration.  Sources have suggested that some schools may opt to offer packed lunches which will have to be stored safely, too.  Whatever the menu, schools are likely to need extra refrigerated storage.  So what are the options?

A major factor for many schools will be lack of kitchen space.  “What school caterers will need is more refrigerated storage, fitted into as small a space as possible,” says Malcolm Harling, sales and marketing director of Williams.  “Manufacturers are responding to the challenge by designing refrigeration, including coldrooms and counters, with similar capacity in a smaller footprint.  For example, our Jade Slimline counters have all the features of the standard range but with a reduced depth of just 500mm, making them ideal for compact kitchens.”  (more…)

Freshly Squeezed Refrigeration: Williams’ new Jade Slimline counter

Williams Refrigeration has launched a new slimline version of its popular range of Jade gastronorm counters. The new model offers all the features of the established Jade counters, but slimmed down to a depth of just 500mm, making it ideal for tight spaces.

The Jade Slimline counter is available in two- and three-door versions, as a refrigerator (+1/+4°C) or freezer (-18/-22°C). The two-door has an optimum capacity of 242 litres, the three-door 354 litres. (more…)