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Eye-catching ice for The Hoste

Iconic boutique hotel installs a Scotsman in the cellar

Scotsman ice machine at The HosteThe Hoste is one of Norfolk’s most iconic boutique hotels, lying in the heart of the Royal Coast. It has a great reputation, both with travellers and locals, for individual style and excellent service. Six out of ten people who stay at the hotel become regular guests.   With 62 bedrooms, three restaurant areas, two bars and a walled garden for functions, as well as an outside drinking area, the hotel can be serving as many as 520 customers at any one time. And that calls for a lot of ice!


FEM plays it cool with Manitowoc’s energy-saving Indigo icemaker

The Manitowoc i-606 icemaker from FEM jpgFEM has launched the Manitowoc i-606 icemaker, aimed at pubs, clubs and catering venues. The latest addition to the Indigo range reduces energy and water consumption, cuts running costs and delivers high volumes of quality ice.

The new i-606 is a modular system, designed to sit on a separate ice storage bin. Capable of making up to 286kg of ice cubes a day, the icemaker exceeds Energy Star standards, with a 10% reduction in energy consumption and a 5% improvement in production, compared to previous models. (more…)

Totem: ice on tap for fish counters display

Hubbard launches Scotsman’s new ice display concept for fish retailers

Scotsman Totem ice machine from Hubbard Ice SystemsAn eye-catching display of different varieties of fish on a bed of ice can be a huge customer draw, encouraging sales and impulse buying.  However, the production, storage and loading of the ice onto the display can be a logistical nightmare and point of stress.

To address these issues Scotsman has developed Totem, an ice machine that dispenses ice directly onto the fish display counter. Totem saves space and time while reducing costs – plus it ensures that there is ice at all times to refresh the display. The Scotsman Totem is distributed in the UK through Hubbard Ice Systems.


Manitowoc and FEM announce new ice machine distribution partnership

Some models from the Manitowoc Indigo range, available through FEMFoodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has entered into a strategic alliance with Manitowoc Foodservice to become the master distributor for all Manitowoc Ice equipment and parts in the UK and Ireland.

Manitowoc Ice is a leading manufacturer of ice machines in the US, recognised for its cutting edge technology and energy-saving designs. Since 1993 FEM, based in East Kilbride, near Glasgow, has been supplying foodservice products, from kitchen utensils to cooking equipment to distributors. (more…)


Market-leading warranty on Manitowoc’s new NEO Series from FEM keeps crystal clear ice close to hand during busy periods

New Manitowoc Neo from FEMIce machines are essential pieces of back-bar kit in pubs, clubs and other catering venues. During busy periods ice machines work constantly to keep up with demand, so they need to be reliable and up to the job. Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) now supplies Manitowoc’s new NEO Series undercounter icemakers which provide new levels in performance, intelligence and convenience to ensure drinks can be served with mountains of ice even when there’s a rush at the bar. (more…)

Big, bold and cold: the stylish, super-supercube from Scotsman

Hubbard Ice Systems launches machines making ultra-cool, extra large ice

The Scotsman super-supercube is an 'XL' 60g in sizeThe supercube or thimble is recognised as the gourmet ice cube for drinks service in terms of cooling, slow melting and crystal clear appearance.  Typically machines make supercubes in a small (8g) or standard (20g) size.  A few are available to make large, 39g cubes.  But these days some operators are looking for more.  Something designer, something that makes a big, bold statement.  Now Hubbard Ice Systems, which markets the Scotsman range in the UK, has launched the ‘super-supercuber’ ice machine.  It makes giant ‘XL’ cubes, weighing 60g, which look stunning in the glass.


Hubbard Scotsman joins ENSE

Hubbard Ice Systems, which distributes the Scotsman range of ice machines, has joined the ENSE buying group. 

Simon Aspin, commercial director of Hubbard Ice Systems“We have been looking at ways to enhance the service we deliver to our distributor network,” says Simon Aspin, commercial director of Hubbard.  “ENSE not only gives its dealer members major benefits, it also gives us a competitive advantage in terms of our routes to market.” 

In-house research carried out in April 2013 showed that Hubbard scores highly in terms of its dealer support, and that Scotsman is seen as one of the leading quality icemaker brands.  “The ice machine sector is very competitive.  Membership of ENSE will help us capitalise on the way the market sees both Hubbard and Scotsman,” says Aspin.  “In addition, ENSE’s communications network will help us inform the dealer market about several new products we are launching over the coming months.” (more…)

It’s The Ice Machine That Thinks

FEM launches the New Manitowoc Indigo advanced ice machine

Foodservice Equipment Marketing launches the new Manitowoc Indigo advanced ice machine

Concerns over ice hygiene and energy consumption have led manufacturers to look carefully at ice machine design. Manitowoc has responded by launching the Indigo Series ice makers that are fitted with advanced diagnostics to ensure the utmost purity of the ice with the minimum energy use. The Indigo Series is now available in the UK through Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM). (more…)

Ice – a class act to swallow

Classeq’s Ice-O-Matic ice makers produce ice cubes perfect for pepping up non-alcoholic cocktails

Classeq's Ice-O-Matic ICEU45 ice maker

Look up recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails and what is the common ingredient? Plenty of good quality ice – it not only cools down the drink and adds class to the glass, but it brings out the subtle flavours turning a simple fruit juice mix into a fun, zesty cocktail.

Because ice plays such an important part in a non-alcoholic cocktail it is essential to use crystal clear, pure ice cubes that enhance the flavour but do not introduce unwanted odours and tastes into the drink. Classeq’s Ice-O-Matic ICEU45 ice machine produces individual thimble-shaped cubes of long-lasting, pure, clean ice that are ideal for non-alcoholic cocktails. (more…)