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The Power of Four: Less energy. Less water. More ice.

FEM launches new models to its Manitowoc Indigo Series of ice machines

Some models from FEM's Manitowoc Indigo Series of ice binsFEM has launched four new modular ice machines in its Manitowoc Indigo Series. The new models offer the highest levels of energy and water savings, while delivering a high production rate of quality ice.

The new Indigo Series icemakers are modular machines, air-cooled as standard, that produce Manitowoc’s dice cubes – a hard, clear, slow-melting ice cube that provides maximum cooling and quick production. Half dice models are also available. (more…)

Ginspirational ice

The ice experts at Hubbard know how to make a good G&T exceptional: gourmet gin needs gourmet ice

Gin and tonicThe popularity of gin has exploded in recent years, with hundreds of new brands helping to cast off its fusty image with a variety of new flavours. The number of distilleries in the UK has nearly doubled since 2010, from 116 to 184, with sales in the UK topping £1 billion in 2015.

For a seemingly simple drink, there is much debate about the best way to make the perfect gin and tonic. Most agree that it involves a balance of four elements: the gin itself, tonic, the garnish and, naturally, ice.


Advice on ice hygiene: keep yourself clean and keep the icemaker clean

Hubbard questions suggestion that faecal bacteria came from water that made the ice

Mark Stebbings of Hubbard SystemsOnce again the issue of ice hygiene is in the media, with a researcher from the BBC’s Rip Off Britain finding bacteria from faeces in ice cubes served in a big-name takeaway.*

However, a suggestion that the bacteria could have come from the water used in the icemaker has been questioned by the ice experts at Hubbard Systems, the company that markets Scotsman ice machines in the UK.

“The water in the icemaker will have passed through a filter system that will help to prevent any bacteria present from getting into the machine,” says Mark Stebbings, technical and aftercare manager at Hubbard Systems. “The bacteria that was found is most probably the result of poor personal hygiene standards, presumably on the part of a member of staff.”


What’s the best ice for coffee shops?

Scotsman superdice: great looking ice that’s gentler on the blender

Creamy Iced Coffee

Creamy Iced Coffee

Superdice is a new ice cube that combines the benefits of the classic gourmet or thimble supercube with those of a standard dice cube.  It’s crystal clear and longer lasting, so it looks great for presentation in classic iced coffees.  However, it’s also a softer ice cube, so it’s ideal for blended drinks, such as café frappé, since the softer cube is gentler on blender blades.  Its versatility makes it a truly all-round cube for coffee shops and any sites offering a full coffee menu.


Mondrian London at Sea Containers pick Scotsman ice

When presentation is vital, supercubes look the partA Scotsman EC ice machine in Mondrian London at Sea Containers

Catering is incredibly busy at the South Bank’s newest landmark hotel, Mondrian London at Sea Containers. Alongside Sea Containers restaurant, which serves 600 or more per day, there is the Den (‘part gathering place, part decompression zone’), Dandelyan cocktail bar and Rumpus Room, the hotel’s rooftop bar and lounge. Plus the hotel hosts events, catering for up to 200. Ice is in big demand and to ensure there is always a reliable supply, the hotel installed Scotsman icemakers. (more…)

Fish on Flake for Fowler & Son

Fishmonger’s Scotsman icemaker is in constant demand

Mark Fowler sprinkles flake ice from Ron Fowler & Son's new Scotsman icemakerThe counters at Ron Fowler & Son provide customers with a stunning display of fresh fish, game and poultry. Not surprisingly, this family-run fresh-fish shop in Bookham, near Dorking, is very popular with customers, some of whom have given Ron and his son, Mark, signed photographs – including top chefs Gordon Ramsey and Michael Caine.

Quality ice is vital for the business. To keep up with demand the Fowlers have replaced their old Scotsman ice machine with another Scotsman, an AF 206 capable of producing around 200kg of ice per day. The Scotsman range is distributed in the UK by Hubbard Systems.


Helping your ice maker keep up with the Christmas rush…

Make sure your ice maker is ready for ChristmasYour ice maker is going to need to be in top form to provide all your cubes for the Christmas rush. The ice experts at Hubbard, who distribute the Scotsman range of ice makers, offer a few tips:


Energy-Saving Ice

FEM’s new Manitowoc NEO ice machine is an Energy Star

NEOFoodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has launched the Manitowoc NEO UD-0190A icemaker, aimed at medium-sized bars, clubs and catering venues. The latest addition to the NEO range reduces energy and water consumption, cuts running costs and delivers high volumes of quality ice.

The NEO series of modular undercounter ice makers provides an all-in-one solution offering enhanced production capabilities to ensure the venue can keep up with ice demand. The low profile design makes the range ideal for venues where space is limited and where economy of operation is essential.

The UD-0190A is the mid-sized model in the NEO range. It offers 90kg of ice production and 36.36kg of ice storage on a small footprint, making it ideal for (more…)

Crushed ice to quench thirsts

New Sirman Alaska Ice Crusher available from FEM

Slush-type drinks, frappuccinos and cocktails are just some of the refreshing, cold drinks that are in increasingly hot demand. All can be made using crushed ice. Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has launched the new Sirman Alaska ice crusher, which produces large quantities of crushed ice fast. (more…)

Ice – a class act to swallow

Classeq’s Ice-O-Matic ice makers produce ice cubes perfect for pepping up non-alcoholic cocktails

Classeq's Ice-O-Matic ICEU45 ice maker

Look up recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails and what is the common ingredient? Plenty of good quality ice – it not only cools down the drink and adds class to the glass, but it brings out the subtle flavours turning a simple fruit juice mix into a fun, zesty cocktail.

Because ice plays such an important part in a non-alcoholic cocktail it is essential to use crystal clear, pure ice cubes that enhance the flavour but do not introduce unwanted odours and tastes into the drink. Classeq’s Ice-O-Matic ICEU45 ice machine produces individual thimble-shaped cubes of long-lasting, pure, clean ice that are ideal for non-alcoholic cocktails. (more…)