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Experience the latest warewashing technology at Host 2011, Milan

12 September 2011

Winterhalter warewashing technology is explained at Host 2011, Pavilion 5, Booth T16  U21 At Host Milan, from 21to 25 October 2011, Winterhalter will set up an interactive stand where visitors can get an understanding of how the company’s innovative machine technology, cleaning products, water treatment and accessories impact on warewashing results. In a specially designed interactive glass washing area Winterhalter will be showing which factors are important to achieve brilliantly sparkling and hygienically clean glasses. Visitors will be able to...

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How Green is your Garden Centre?

5 September 2011

Winterhalter has energy saving ideas for foodservice operations in Garden Centres and Farm Shops In recent years Garden Centres and Farm Shops have expanded way beyond their initial remit of small shop selling plants and fresh vegetables. Now they are popular weekend and holiday shopping destinations and many have added a café/restaurant to create an even bigger draw. Those that have branched out into foodservice have found that demand escalates rapidly and they are soon looking to increase their operations...

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Banqueting and Conference Venues: two-in-one flexible dishwasher system

20 July 2011

Winterhalter’s fast, energy-saving TwinSet is ideal for unpredictable workloads   A big issue for conference, event and banqueting venues is that the catering workload can vary enormously from day to day.  This makes it almost impossible to specify a dishwasher: a system that’s big enough to cope in busy times will be inefficient and expensive for smaller loads.

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The XS Factor: making glasses and dishes cleaner

5 July 2011

Extra small, ultra-efficient reverse osmosis water treatment system from Winterhalter Winterhalter has developed a highly compact reverse-osmosis water treatment system.  The RoMatik XS (eXtra Small) is designed to work with undercounter glass and dishwashers, such as Winterhalter’s own UC Series.  It combines all the benefits of a full-size system with low running costs and long service intervals. Reverse osmosis systems are recognised as the best way to treat water to ensure perfect glass and dish washing results, with no smears...

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VarioPower – cleaner glasses and dishes, fewer breakages, lower costs

21 June 2011

Winterhalter feature on UC undercounter warewashers minimises water and energy consumption while maximising cleaning effectiveness VarioPower is the latest clever warewasher technology from Winterhalter.  It not only saves energy and water, but also protects delicate dishes and glasses and gives better results. As its name suggests, VarioPower varies the water pressure, regulating it to match the products being washed.  It is fitted as standard on all Winterhalter’s UC Series of undercounter dish, glass and utensil washers. 

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