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FEM Celebrates 20th Anniversary

8 July 2013

‘Can do’ approach fosters success and long-term relations with suppliers, distributors and staff.  July 4th 1993, a small office in Glasgow.  The phone rings.  Two men look at each other across the desk.  It rings again.  A hand picks up the receiver.  “Hello, this is FEM.  How can I help you?”  As it happens, it was the BT engineer, but it’s significant because it was the first ever call to Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM), which celebrates its twentieth anniversary in...

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Wear No Tear: Cambro VZ Trays from FEM

15 May 2013

Made from fibreglass, Cambro VZ trays are a more hygienic and long-lasting alternative to wood veneer and laminated trays.   Wood veneer and laminated trays may be attractive initially, but their lifespan is limited and they are costly to replace. Cambro’s latest VZ trays from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) are constructed from SMC standard performance fibreglass material, which is highly durable and resistant to the everyday wear and tear of the commercial catering environment. Fibreglass is water resistant; therefore the Cambro...

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Calorie counting or just can’t choose?

7 February 2013

New Camwear® polycarbonate mini dessert glasses from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM). Mini desserts offer a solution for those wanting lighter dessert options, taster portions or a variety of desserts. New Camwear mini dessert glasses from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) also cut costs as the polycarbonate glasses are break-resistant and reduce the need for checking for imperfections.

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Safe food delivery

11 July 2012

Cambro Versa Lite non-skid trays from FEM help prevent spills In busy sites, carrying trays loaded with food and drinks always runs the risk of crockery and glassware slipping and causing spillage. As a solution Cambro has introduced a non-skid Versa Lite tray that is now available through Foodservice Equipment Marketing.

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Getting the message to the customer

9 September 2011

FEM’s Cambro tray personalisation service promotes brands at point of purchase Targeting advertising can often be difficult, sometimes customers just don’t get the message unless it is put right under their nose. The secret is to be unobtrusive and tasteful while at the same time getting noticed.

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