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Pitcher perfect

FEM’s latest Hamilton Beach blender whizzes up 2 litre summer cocktails fast

FEM’s latest Hamilton Beach Commercial blender, the HBH755-UK Eclipse, is perfect for operators looking to keep up with the demand for pitchers of fruity summer cocktails. It’s efficient, programmable and, unlike most blenders, quiet. Plus, it features a 2-litre container making it the perfect solution when the summer cocktail orders are coming in thick and fast.

The HBH755-UK Eclipse keeps the cocktails as smooth as the operation, thanks to Hamilton Beach Commercial’s patented Wave-Action system.  Ordinary blenders spin their contents around the walls of the container, leaving whole chunks untouched by the blades.  The Wave-Action System, with specially designed container and blade, continuously forces the contents down onto the blades for super-creamy results every time. (more…)

Blend, Pour, Wash, Then Blend Again

New Hamilton Beach Container Rinser from FEM saves time and water

Hamilton Beach Container Rinser from FEMIn busy bars or smoothie counters, cleaning the containers used for blending drinks can take up precious time and lead to increased queues. The new Hamilton Beach Container Rinser from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) automatically delivers a thorough and hygienic rinse, saving time and water.

The Rinser cleans containers, pitchers and jars up to 2 litre capacity in seconds. It is easy to operate – simply push on the platform to activate the spray. The raised nozzle ensures thorough cleaning at 2.25gpm flow rate. (more…)

A Revolution in Iced Drinks

FEM’s new blender plus ice shaver speeds up service, improves hygiene and makes great iced drinks

PLUS!  Win A Revolution Blender Shaver worth £2,980!

FEM's Revolution Blender Shaver is made by Hamilton BeachWhen the sun comes out the time is right for iced drinks, which is good news for operators since iced coffee, cocktails and smoothies are highly profitable.  However, one issue is ice handling.  It takes space to keep ice on hand and time to load it – plus, of course, the ice needs to be handled hygienically and the blender has to be tough enough to break up the cubes.  (more…)

Blitz through the process

New Sirman Blitz food processor from FEM

New Sirman Blitz Food Processor from FEMFood processors enable chefs to quickly chop, blitz and blend ingredients at the push of a button, saving the cost of buying in ready-prepared ingredients. The new Sirman Blitz food processor from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) is a durable bowl cutter that can withstand heavy-duty use in commercial kitchens.

Built to last, the Blitz food processor has a robust base-plate and bowl constructed from heat-resistant ABS. The polycarbonate lid features a feed opening, enabling the operator to easily add ingredients while the processor is working.


The Fast and the Fury-ious

Unleash the Fury: The new Hamilton Beach Fury drinks blender from FEM

Hamiton Beach Fury Blender from FEM HBH550In order to establish a reputation for serving high quality cocktails, busy bars need to be able to quickly make and serve thoroughly blended drinks. The new Hamilton Beach Fury drinks blender from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) perfectly blends cocktails, such as daiquiris and margaritas, ensuring there are no chunks of ice. (more…)

Heavy-duty and Lightweight

User-friendly, high-powered Sirman Vortex hand blender available from FEMSirman Vortex hand-held mixer from FEM

Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) supplies the Sirman Vortex heavy-duty hand blenders to the UK foodservice market.

The Vortex blenders are available in a choice of three sizes. The largest, the Vortex 750, is powered by a 750 Watt ‘high efficiency’ motor, which drives the durable stainless steel blades at 14,000 rpm. Its 450mm shaft, which can be removed for thorough cleaning, makes it suitable for deep pans. (more…)

In the mix

Hamilton Beach Mix ‘n Chill® Drink Mixer from FEM

Mix-ins add variety to a menu, providing a way of adapting ice creams, yoghurts and drinks to incorporate other flavours and textures. Now available from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM), Hamilton Beach’s Mix ‘n Chill Drink Mixer makes light work of adding and thoroughly blending mix-ins.

The Mix ‘n Chill’s high-performance 3/4 HP motor provides heavy-duty vertical mixing action to combine ingredients quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining constant speed. Nine pre-programmed time settings allow for consistency in the results, even if staff are unskilled. The manual mode and variable speed control allow the operator to take control of mixing time and motor speed. (more…)

Iced coffee – it’s a smooth drink for cool customers

Foodservice Equipment Marketing’s Tempest blender is a whizz at making iced

FEM’s Hamilton Beach Tempest blender is a whizz behind the counter in any coffee shop or café. It’s fast, reliable and powerful, mixing up an iced coffee or similar drink in just 12 seconds.

The recent explosion of coffee shops on the high street has meant that anyone offering hot beverages has had to up their game to keep hold of market share. But, in the summer especially, not everyone wants a hot coffee, so the ability to offer iced coffees, such as Costa Coffee’s famous Frescato, is one way to edge ahead of the competition. (more…)

The 20 second daiquiri

Foodservice Equipment Marketing supplies the Rio blender: perfect for summer drinks and dips

FEM supplies the Rio Blender perfect for summer drinks and dips

When cocktails need to be served fast the Hamilton Beach Rio blender from Foodservice Equipment Marketing gets the job done with no fuss. Using crushed ice, the Rio blends 0.5 litre drinks in just 20 seconds and is also great for salsas, dips, sauces and other recipes. (more…)