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Kluman and Balter holds the key to Easter ingredients

10 December 2007

Simnel cakes are traditional Easter stalwarts due for a revival. In the late seventeenth century girls in service brought home these rich fruit cakes on the fourth Sunday in Lent. The early Simnel cakes were made from whatever spare ingredients were available from the kitchen in the ‘big’ house. Now, however, a Simnel cake is usually a fruit cake topped with a layer of marzipan and seasonal decorations and uses ingredients carefully selected by the baker to produce a cake...

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Great tasting US style donuts.

6 November 2007

Kluman and Balter’s donut mixes bring versatility and consistency to great tasting US style donuts Donuts are a firm favourite with all the family and can be an easy option for bakers and specialised donut vendors alike to supply fresh sweet bakery treats. Traditionally there’s a certain mystique about making the perfect donut. But now Kluman and Balter, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of ingredients to the baking industry, says it has developed a donut mix and base that...

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