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Student Gems

13 May 2008

Just discovered Student Gems – a website where you can discover students willing to do jobs that fully-trained and experienced people might not be available to do, especially at lower prices.

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Can Cook, Will Cook!

25 April 2008

Apuro offers quick-cook package to offices and small factories. Working lifestyles are changing with people increasingly working longer hours, ‘hot-desking’, being more diet conscious and wanting to snack at odd times of the day or night. Many workplaces are finding there is a call to offer quick-cook facilities to staff 24/7. Apuro, a specialist distributor for some of the biggest brands in the UK hospitality market, has selected a package of products that are especially suitable for this type of...

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Mother’s Garden Olive Oil

16 April 2008

When the Kirby family moved from North Norfolk to the Spanish hinterland (Priorat in Southern Catalonia, if that helps) they were featured in Channel 4’s No Going Back series. It’s been a hard learning curve, God bless them, but they’ve never looked back and have carved out a wonderful lifestyle. (Well, it looks wonderful. To be fair, Martin’s articles give the warts and all picture).

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Everything including the kitchen sink

14 April 2008

Apuro’s Whirlpool Mini-Kitchen updated Apuro has upgraded its Mini Kitchen ‘all-in-one’ system from Whirlpool to include CFC-free refrigeration, low energy consumption and low noise levels. Designed for semi-domestic situations that require the essential equipment for basic cooking, the Mini-Kitchen is a complete and compact kitchen unit featuring cooking rings, fridge, kitchen sink and undersink storage in a single, discreet and easy to install unit.

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Samsung wine cooler

8 April 2008

Apuro’s wine cooler cabinet from Samsung focuses on elegant design in ‘front of house’ situations. It is a compact model in an extremely attractive cabinet. The Samsung RW13EBSS has a fully electronic temperature control adjustable between +4C and +18C, allowing users to select the perfect storage temperature for their wine. The cabinet also features a digital display and levelling legs.

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