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Celebrity Boater?

9 June 2008

Q: Who looks forward to a good pint of real cider and a glorious sunset after a day cruising? A: Andrew Denny – one of our team here at Publicity Works and an ardent canal boater. And if you’re hungry to find out more, there are twenty revealing truisms about Andrew tucked inside the back cover of this month’s (June 08) issue of Canal Boat magazine.

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Apuro launches new energy saving commercial laundry range

19 May 2008

Apuro has launched a new range of Whirlpool commercial laundry equipment which offers much smaller energy bills for smaller commercial users, while still delivering full professional washing power in a small unit. And to ensure reliability and budgeting, Apuro is, remarkably, offering them with a fully inclusive two-year commercial guarantee.

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Drinkers going round in Circles

16 May 2008

Drinking is banned on the the London Underground from 1st June. A group of young revellers have had a good weeze to protest/celebrate the ban.  They are going to hold a party in the last carriage of every clockwise Circle Line train from 9pm to midnight of May 31st.

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