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Winterhalter is the UK’s biggest and most advanced warewashing brand, supplying more glasswashers, front loaders and pass-though models than any other company. At the forefront of the technology, Winterhalter is driving the development of machines and systems that are more efficient, more environment-friendly, more compact and easier to operate.

The company provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the Winterhalter range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents.

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Winterhalter extends rinse water option to MTF flight machines

20 March 2009

The new ‘rinse water saving’ option, originally developed last year by Winterhalter for its MTR series of rack warewashers, has now been extended to its MTF large-scale flight-type systems as well. The option offers cash-strapped education-sector caterers huge savings in water, energy and consumables.

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Winterhalter’s Chemical Romance

25 February 2009

Chemicals, plus dish & glasswashers, plus service: The three-from-one, total warewash hygiene solution. Winterhalter Chemicals, the consumables division of Winterhalter, has recently relaunched to reflect its role in supporting the world’s most advanced commercial warewashers. The key in successful warewashing is to control the results from start to finish. So Winterhalter not only designs and manufactures world-beating warewashers, it also services and maintains them. And through Winterhalter Chemicals, the company can formulate and produce exactly the chemicals and supplies needed...

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30 year old Winterhalter still going strong

28 January 2009

Hotel Dunloe Castle’s Winterhalter dishwasher should have a long service record There’s a lot of talk now of reducing carbon footprints and one way of doing that in the hospitality industry is to make equipment that lasts longer. This not only saves in raw materials, it saves in manufacturing energy, energy use for transportation and is far more economic all round. Winterhalter has always boasted that its dishwashers are built to last and the one installed in The Hotel Dunloe...

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Winterhalter’s Energy + dishwasher saves £1250 + per year

10 December 2008

The latest figures for Winterhalter‘s energy saving pass through dishwashers, the GS500 Series Energy+ machines, show that one machine can save over £1,250 in running costs per year, every year. And that figure is based on current energy prices. Factor in the expected increases in costs and the savings are certain to get even higher.   

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Ice Machine Sanitizer keeps machines clean and efficient

1 December 2008

Cleaning ice machines is a vital but often neglected job. Winterhalter has launched a new Ice Machine Sanitizer that also descales the unit, making it easier than ever to keep ice machines hygienic, safe and working efficiently. Best of all, using the Sanitizer takes just a few minutes and the job only needs doing once every few weeks (frequency will depend on icemaker model, capacity and usage).

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