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Winterhalter is the UK’s biggest and most advanced warewashing brand, supplying more glasswashers, front loaders and pass-though models than any other company. At the forefront of the technology, Winterhalter is driving the development of machines and systems that are more efficient, more environment-friendly, more compact and easier to operate.

The company provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the Winterhalter range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents.

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Winterhalter says connectivity is a turn on for foodservice operators

14 March 2018

Huge interest in connected wash technology at Hotelympia Winterhalter says that there was huge interest in connectivity at Hotelympia 2018.  “Connectivity is really gaining traction, especially with the group operators,” says Paul Crowley, the company’s marketing manager.  “We launched Connected Wash versions of our PT passthroughs and UF utensil washers at the show.  The technology’s potential is turning foodservice operators on to the prospect of lower running costs, virtually zero downtime and 100% first time fix rates.” Warewashing is a...

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Tom’s Kitchen, Birmingham: busy with customers, fast with warewashing

13 March 2018

Latest Tom’s Kitchen relies on speed and reliability of Winterhalter dishwashers and glasswashers Tom Aikens’ latest Tom’s Kitchen, in the chic Mailbox Centre, Birmingham, has a busy restaurant, a separate deli, two private dining rooms and it runs functions in the large foyer area.  It’s open seven days a week, all year, from breakfast till midnight.  The Kitchen’s kitchen is compact but has to produce not only big volumes of top quality food, but also cope with a wide selection...

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Winterhalter at the HCA Forum 2018

20 February 2018

Connected Wash: moving towards a 100% first time fix rate. Celtic Manor, 12-18 April 2018. When a hospital warewasher breaks down it can be a very, very bad thing.  Stress and workloads go up, hygiene is compromised.  So imagine a world where warewashers told the service engineers that a component might be failing, so that they could come out and fix it before it broke down.  And, because the engineers know what’s wrong, they can bring the right tools and...

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Winterhalter Chemicals: packaging that minimises environmental impact

19 February 2018

Latest BLUe chemicals are greener, while concentrates dramatically reduce waste. As the world becomes increasingly concerned about waste plastic, Winterhalter has launched its latest BLUe range of ‘green’ cleaning chemicals in packaging designed to have minimal impact on the environment. “We’ve taken a hard look at our packaging to ensure that it’s as green as possible,” says Peter Alsworth, Winterhalter’s chemical sales director. “It’s not just about recycling, it’s also about changing perceptions and practices.  For example, we are strongly...

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Live feed connects the wash at IFEX

13 February 2018

Winterhalter shows off latest warewash technologies, stand C15, 20-22 March, Belfast. A live demonstration of connected warewashing will be a highlight of Winterhalter’s display at IFEX 2018.  Visitors will be able to see how a Connected Wash warewasher can be monitored remotely, with live data showing not only its various operating parameters but also how it responds to problems and potential breakdowns.

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