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E & R Moffat is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of quality foodservice equipment, designing and manufacturing in-house. Based in Bonnybridge, Scotland, the company manufactures standard and bespoke
servery, regeneration and storage equipment.

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Moffat’s new compact and versatile Versigen Bulk Food Service Trolley

30 March 2009

E & R Moffat has re-engineered its range of Versigen mobile bulk food service trolleys. The new trolleys are lighter and more manoeuvrable than before and feature new zonal heating in the oven cabinet to improve food quality. The Versigen bulk food trolley can regenerate, keep food hot, refrigerate, hold ice cream and warm plates – all in one unit. This makes them particularly attractive in healthcare homes and hospitals where plated food needs to be transported from kitchens to...

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Banqueting Trolley Saves Royal Armouries £thousands per year

16 February 2009

Moffat‘s versatile Chillogen banqueting trolley is saving one event caterer thousands of pounds every year – and the savings come in some surprising areas. The Chillogen technology means the Moffat units can be used to rapid chill the plated meals, store them, regenerate them and keep them hot – all in the one unit, without needing to handle them. The Royal Armouries International (RAI), which is at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, regularly hosts events for hundreds of diners...

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Versilift plate dispensers from Moffat.

10 December 2008

Moffat’s Versilift plate dispensers are built to last – stainless steel base and top with attractive, tough outer panels made of spritzer stelvetite. The holding tubes are fully adjustable for different sizes and weights of plates and Versilift is available in both heated and ambient versions. The heated version is supplied with an energy-saving tube cover for the warm-up period.

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BK Merchandiser Helps Maximise Food Sales

3 November 2008

The latest version of Moffat’s popular ‘BK’ refrigerated merchandiser is a compact and attractive self-service display unit. It’s designed to make maximum use of the available space to show off chilled snacks and meals, using a cascade of cold air to ensure food on all the shelves is kept at safe temperatures. The optional night blind means food can even be safely stored overnight. The unit is aimed at a wide variety of outlets, including schools and colleges, cafes, retailers...

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A Christmas carvery anywhere, anytime with Moffat’s V Carte units.

8 October 2008

For an instant Christmas carvery wheel in Moffat’s mobile V Carte carvery units Everyone loves roast meat at Christmas time. Traditionalists just can’t get enough turkey but serving chicken or a hearty joint of roast beef as well offers diners a real choice. Carveries are an excellent way of displaying succulent roasts and allowing the smell of the meat to permeate the dining area, but not everywhere has room for a dedicated carvery area.

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