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Hubbard Systems

Hubbard Systems

Hubbard Systems is the UK’s leading and longest established specialist distributor of Scotsman commercial and industrial ice making machines and accessories. In 2017, Hubbard Systems was appointed the UK distributor for Comenda warewashers, which are available via dealers nationwide.
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Advice on ice hygiene: keep yourself clean and keep the icemaker clean

3 May 2016

Hubbard questions suggestion that faecal bacteria came from water that made the ice Once again the issue of ice hygiene is in the media, with a researcher from the BBC’s Rip Off Britain finding bacteria from faeces in ice cubes served in a big-name takeaway.* However, a suggestion that the bacteria could have come from the water used in the icemaker has been questioned by the ice experts at Hubbard Systems, the company that markets Scotsman ice machines in the...

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Nugget ice: the smoothie operator

12 April 2016

Hubbard Systems says nugget ice is the new ‘best in class’ for smoothies and blended drinks When it comes to smoothies, ice is an essential.  According to Hubbard Systems, who distributes the Scotsman range of icemakers, there’s a new ‘best in class’ ice for smoothie-making: nugget ice. There’s a variety of reasons for the nugget’s crown.  In terms of the ice itself, it’s small and relatively soft so it blends very easily and quietly, plus it’s kinder to blades –...

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MXG: the new modular icemaker from Scotsman

8 March 2016

Hubbard Systems has launched the new Scotsman MXG range of modular machines, the latest to make the famous thimble-shaped Scotsman gourmet Supercube. The MXG range combines productivity, reliability and ease-of-use, with aesthetic appeal and quieter operation. There are six models in the range, with outputs from 150 to 410kg per day.  All models are designed to fit on a global standard footprint for easy installation. The gourmet Supercube is the obvious selection for the presentation of classic on-the-rocks drinks –...

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Ice Experts at Excel

16 December 2015

Hubbard Systems at Hotelympia 2016 Stand 3430, Excel London, 29th February – 3rd March The Hubbard Systems stand is set to be the go-to place for product launches, with a host of new icemakers making their Hotelympia debut. Hubbard distributes the market-leading Scotsman range, offering the largest range of models, from compact undercounters to industrial units, and the widest choice of ice, including supercubes, dice, flake, cubelet and nugget. On stand 3430 visitors will be able to check out the...

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Get Ice Right: Hubbard Systems offering free site surveys

24 November 2015

Expert will determine the type of ice and machine most suitable for a location  Hubbard Systems is offering no-obligation site surveys to help operators decide which kind of ice machine best suits their needs. Recent years have seen a proliferation of the types of ice available, with each having specific applications. For example the gourmet supercube is a pure and slow-melting ice ideal for classic on-the-rocks drinks, while places with high peaks in demand may find dice cubes more suitable....

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