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Since 1993 the company has represented leading foodservice equipment manufacturers in the UK and Irish markets. Over the years FEM has established partnership agreements with many of the industry’s top brands in both smallwares and equipment, including Vollrath, Manitowoc Ice, Cambro, Sirman, Prince Castle, San Jamar and Hamilton Beach. In 2011, FEM became UK master-distributor of the Alto-Shaam range.

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FEM Launches ‘One-Cup-At-A-Time’, ‘Any-Size-Fits’ Disposable Cup Dispenser

5 August 2010

San Jamar appoints FEM as UK and Ireland distributor San Jamar, the USA-based manufacturer of disposable cup and napkin dispensers for the foodservice sector, has appointed Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) as UK and Ireland distributor. FEM will be offering the full San Jamar range including the innovative new adjustable cup dispenser, called the Sentry. San Jamar is a market leader in dispenser design. Its cup dispensers offer a comprehensive range with patented features that ensure gentle, precise ‘one at a...

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Sous Vide Cooker Causing A Stir

2 August 2010

Foodservice Equipment Marketing launches the new Sirman Sous Vide Softcooker Sous vide cooking (or cooking under vacuum) is favoured by many proponents of haute cuisine because it retains flavour, aroma and texture, minimises shrinkage and guarantees consistent results. It is also a favourite of larger operations that use advance bulk cooking for banqueting or speeding up serving and controlling wastage. Foodservice Equipment Marketing has launched the Sirman Sous Vide Softcooker which uses the ‘stirred’ method of sous vide cooking. This...

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An end to square plates in round holes!

7 July 2010

New Cambro Versa Dish Caddies from FEM – expanded versatility and increased capacity. Cambro’s new Versa dish caddies from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) are designed to hold square plates, as well as traditional round plates. They offer secure, adjustable high-capacity storage, keeping plates clean and chip-free. Versa dish caddies are available in two sizes. The DCS950 holds five columns of 45-60 round plates up to 9.5 inch in diameter, or square plates up to 8 inch. This is 20 percent...

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Portion Control – How To Save £7,000 Per Year

1 July 2010

Vollrath colour-coded portion-control utensils from FEM Delivering proper nutrition and controlling food costs demands accurate, repeatable portion sizing. Consistently over-portioning can create staggering extra costs to a business. Increasing portion size by just 14g of a product priced at £6.00 per 453g adds about 19 pence to the serving cost. If that happens 100 times per day that is £133.00 per week or almost £7,000 per year! Foodservice Equipment Marketing has introduced the Vollrath colour-coded portion-control utensils as a simple...

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Stylish trays enhance presentation

25 June 2010

Cambro room service trays from Foodservice Equipment Marketing Room service is all about making guests feel welcome and special. Presentation is almost as important as the food and drinks on order. Underpinning the whole service is the humble serving tray, which needs to be spotlessly clean and smart at all times. Cambro’s room service trays, now available from Foodservice Equipment Marketing, are designed with contemporary settings in mind while being easy to use and handle. To fit in with various...

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