Utopia goes large on small plates and chip cups

Expanded collections meet growing demand for tapas-size portions

Small plates are no longer just a Spanish thing – for just about every cuisine you could name, there are restaurants offering tapas-portion-size menus.  As well as using small plates, operators are looking for different ways to present small portions and sides – resulting in a similar increase in use for that relatively recent addition to the tableware scene, the humble chip pot.  Consequently the demand for small plates and chip pots has shot up, so much so that Utopia has expanded some of its most popular casual dining collections by adding a selection of these pieces to them.  The expanded collections include Solstice, Truffle, Parador, Ink, Coral and Goa.

The six offer a wide range of different design styles.  Solstice has natural white and green hues with an eye-catching speckled design.  Truffle mixes an earthy brown interior with a raw biscuit exterior while, in stark contrast, Parador features a bright, striking, Alhambra-inspired geometric pattern.  Ink’s rich blue colourway has a low-sheen glaze; Coral mixes striking pinks and reds; and Goa’s reactive glaze creates a warm fusion of contrasting light browns and speckles.

As well as featuring chip pots (30cl) and small plates (17.5cm), these collections offer several other small serving options, such as bowls, walled plates and dip dishes.  All are made of vitrified porcelain, for strength and durability, and are dishwasher safe.