Magic eye ice: Scotsman makes hygiene easy

DXN dispenser ensures Ice integrity from creation to consumption

With the increased emphasis on hygiene, especially in self-service situations, cleanliness is absolutely a top priority.  Which is why the latest Scotsman DXN 207 self-serve ice dispenser is so timely.  It’s magic eye dispense mechanism means that customers or staff can fill glasses and cups with ice without touching anything.  All they do is pop the vessel under the dispense tap, and a portion of ice is automatically dropped in.

The Scotsman range, including the DXN 207, is distributed in the UK by Hubbard Systems.

The DXN features a fully enclosed ice production system that guarantees ice is uncontaminated.  It combines with the magic eye dispenser to ensure the integrity of the ice, from creation to consumption.  Meanwhile, the fast and user-friendly cleaning mode means it’s a cinch to keep the machine clean.  The ultra-hygienic characteristics of the DXN 207 make it ideal not just for self-serve, but also for any business looking to enhance their ice hygiene, including for backbar and in kitchens.

As well as setting a standard in hygiene, the DXN 207 sets the pace in terms of production.  In busy sites, its ability to produce a lot of ice quickly is a key advantage.  With a daily capacity of up to 100kg, it’s capable of keeping up with peak demand.  It also boasts internal storage of 10kg, so, assuming each serve of ice is 50g, the bin has 200 servings ready to go instantly.

Despite this high capacity, the DXN 207 is a compact machine, measuring 769mm high by 552mm deep and 427mm wide, so it’s suitable for fitting onto a counter top or backbar.  It is made of stainless steel and has an attractively simple and minimalist facia, with a large, black touchpad screen featuring blue icons – a smart design making it ideal for front of house.

The DXN 207 is also capable of helping operators meet their sustainability targets.  The ice it makes is cubelet, which is very eco-friendly to produce, using up to 50% less water and 15% less energy than standard ice cubes.  In addition, the DXN 207 uses R290, a natural refrigerant gas with low environmental impact and nominal global warming potential (GWP).