Blast chilling and freezing for everyone, thanks to Hubbard and Friulinox

Powerful, compact blast chiller freezer now available from Hubbard Systems

Hubbard Systems is supplying the Friulinox Ready RBS-051, a compact blast chiller suitable for use in smaller kitchens. The RBS-051 is the smallest unit in the Ready range. It has a capacity of 5 1/1GN trays, and can process a maximum of 25kg chilled or 15kg frozen food at once. An undercounter unit, its external dimensions of just 900mm h x 790mm w x 820mm d allow it to be integrated into smaller kitchens.

It features a powerful refrigeration system controlled by a simple to use touchscreen panel and monitored by an accurate pin probe. Each model features pre-programmed cycles and can store up to 99 custom programs. Hard and soft chill/freeze functions allows delicate foods to be processed as well as product that require a more aggressive chill/freeze, without compromising quality and safety.

The RBS-051 can reduce the temperature of food from +65° C to +3° C in just one hour, or from +65° C to -18° C in three and a half hours. It also features a pre-cooling function that optimises the cabinet temperature before starting a cycle, which helps to reduce energy consumption. If required it can be set to run in a continuous cycle which keeps it operating at maximum power, allowing trays to be swapped in and out to handle larger batches.

The blast freezer option can run at any temperature down to -40°C, which makes it ideal for processing raw fish and meat, to kill off parasites that may be in uncooked product. Once a cycle is complete it can be set to go into storage mode, keeping the product safe until required. For example, batches of food could be prepared and stored overnight ready for the next day.

Its exterior is constructed from robust, satin finish stainless steel while the interior features rounded corners to enable easy cleaning. High density, HCFC-free polyurethane insulation and powerful magnetic seals on the door create the perfect thermal profile, while an anti-condensation heating element built into the body frame prevents ice crystals from growing on the food during chilling or freezing.

New recipes and operating data can be uploaded via USB, or over Wi-Fi with the optional connectivity kit. Other options include castors or legs, and a left handed door mount which further increases the flexibility of installation.

Friulinox has established a reputation for the quality, performance and style of its blast chilling, storage and refrigeration systems for over fifty years. There are four models in the Ready range, ranging from the RBS-051 up to the RBS-161 which has a maximum capacity of 16 1/1GN pans.