Vector ovens just got wider

Vector Wide multi-cook ovens now available from FEM

Kitchen managers are always looking for ways to save space without compromising menu options. Multi-functional equipment has proved its worth in this area and now FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) is launching the new Alto-Shaam Vector Wide ovens, which are ideal where chefs think big but space is at a premium.

Building on the strength of the existing Vector ovens these new wide models feature a compact 610mm footprint. They use Vector’s trusted ventless and waterless operation, which eliminates the need for an exhaust hood, so they can be sited anywhere, reducing installation and operating costs. With expanded oven chambers, the wide ovens are perfect for larger menu options and for increasing production. They are available in two or three chamber versions.

The Vector’s Structured Air Technology ensures efficient heat distribution within the chambers leading to superior cooking and food quality. Vertical curtains of air eliminate heat loss when the door is opened, ensuring no blasts of hot air and a cooler oven door.

Each individual oven chamber has its own temperature control, fan speed and cook time. The wide chambers can hold half-size sheet pans, hotel pans or 16 inch pizza screens for maximum menu flexibility with additional cooking accessories available for further menu expansion.  The ovens can be used to replace or relieve multiple pieces of equipment and they can cook up to twice the amount a traditional oven would cook in the same time.

The two or three-shelf countertop models are available with either simple or deluxe controls, ideal where space is at a premium and you need flexibility.  The advanced controls have been designed with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and programmable recipes to ensure consistency of cooking.

The Deluxe models are also fitted with Alto-Shaam’s ChefLinc remote oven management system, which gives operators complete control of their ovens and menus and supplies businesses with real-time data anywhere. Custom colours available for enhanced branding and to fit into a front-of-house setting.