Sizzle, sizzle, puff, that’s the fajita heated

Vollrath’s new anywhere, anytime, super-fast induction fajita skillet heater from FEM

The interest in freshly prepared ‘street foods’ has led to the forward march of the fajita. The fajita is a truly Tex-Mex food of grilled meat or veg served on a flour or corn tortilla. The best way to get an authentically puffy and crispy tortilla for the fajita base is to heat it in a cast iron pan and serve with its toppings immediately. FEM now supplies the new Vollrath induction fajita skillet heater designed to product perfect results fast, wherever there is a standard plug socket.

The new induction fajita skillet heater has a simple one-touch operation that is equally suited for quick and easy front-of-house use or in high-volume kitchen applications. It works with two standard cast iron fajita pan styles heating them to proper sizzling temperatures quickly and evenly with no mess or fuss. There are two time and temperature pre-sets to get exactly the correct results, no matter who is making the fajita or where it is sited.

Measuring just 419 (w) x 327 (d) x 102 (h) mm, the fajita skillet heater has a power requirement of 2.6kw. It should be noted that this product is designed purely for heating fajitas, not for cooking.