Pratica Copa Express Oven: super-fast compact with biggest oven in its class

Taylor UK’s new countertop cooking solution is available for fast delivery, too

Lots of catering equipment companies are having problems supplying new models.  Now Taylor UK has launched the Pratica Copa Express Speed Oven, a compact model that’s not only super-fast at cooking but is also available fast, from stock.   What’s more, despite one of the smallest footprints on the market, it has the biggest cooking chamber in its class – it can even take a standard 1/2 GN (half Gastronorm) pan.

The oven is up to ten times faster than traditional methods, thanks to the combination of three separate cooking methods, impinged air convection, microwave and infra-red, each of which can be independently controlled.  It’s ideal for cooking fresh, chilled and some frozen foods, delivering top quality results that are tasty and crispy.

Its attractive design, ventless operation and compact footprint – it measures 405mm wide by 780mm deep – mean it’s the perfect front of house countertop cooking solution.  The easy to use touchscreen controls feature icons and text and hold up to 1024 recipes, each with up to eight steps.  The recipe library is divided into 16 groups to make navigation as simple as possible.  A USB port allows operators to quickly upload and download recipes.   There’s also a manual mode for ‘on-the-fly’ cooking.

The Copa Express is designed to be easy to live with and practical to work with.  Constructed of stainless steel throughout it features a cool-to-touch exterior – even when the oven is operating at its top temperature of 276°C.  It’s quick to clean, by following the step-by-step screen instructions, and the catalytic converter is easy to remove.  It can accept metal pans up to 325mm by 265mm and 25mm deep.  The Copa Express is available in a single-mag version, which can run off a standard 13 amp plug, or a twin-mag version which requires either a 32amp single phase or 16amp three phase supply.

“The Copa Express is a brilliant solution for cafes, coffee shops, convenience stores, bakeries and kiosks,” says David Rees, marketing manager at Taylor UK.  “Ease of use, speed, size, quality build, looks, ventless operation – it ticks all the right boxes.  Plus, it’s available quickly and it’s competitively priced.”