Let’s get frozen with latest super-smooth dessert machine

Latest Stoelting 3.03 litre frozen custard machine now available from FEM

Frozen desserts are a popular and easy way for establishments to offer a range of puddings that don’t require specialist preparation but can look spectacular with the right presentation. All that’s needed is a reliable, specialist freezing machine and a bit of imagination.

Stoelting, part of the Vollrath family, has been making frozen treat machines for over 70 years and has now joined FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) to introduce its latest frozen custard machine to the UK market. The 3.03 litre capacity, countertop frozen custard machine is a continuous flow freezer designed to produce gourmet old-fashioned frozen custard, sorbet, Italian ices and other frozen desserts as the orders roll in!

The patented freezing chamber coupled with a special quick-freeze technology minimises the size of ice crystals forming, creating a smooth, creamy product. Production can be matched to demand with the “hold product” mode refrigeration setting.

Simple to operate and easy to clean, the Stoelting machine has a two-button operation, via IntelliTec control, and a lighted display. A refrigerated hopper with independent temperature control maintains safe storage temperatures in any environment, while the hold cycle keeps barrels at a safe temperature during off-cycle. The super-sized condensing system provides high output even in high-temperature conditions.

With a compact footprint of 495mm x 711mm this counter-top model stands 959mm tall and can be supplied with an optional floor model package to free up counterspace if required. The warranty is one year on site.