Labels ensure consumer safety at a glance

FEM now supplies Cambro Tamper Evident Labels to reduce risk of contamination

Whether it’s a home delivery or a grab and go snack, operators and customers alike want to be sure no-one tampers with the food item once it is packed. A simple but effective solution is Cambro’s Tamper Evident Label now available through FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing). These pre-printed self-adhesive labels take the worry out of anyone interfering with packaged food before it reaches the recipient, offering customers and suppliers peace of mind and security.

Clearly marked with Tamper Evident StaySafe, the labels ensure at-a-glance confidence during transport and hand-over of meals and drinks. Designed for kitchen staff to apply and customers to remove, the single-use Tamper Evident Labels are perforated to break upon opening. If the label is damaged or the perforations broken the consumer can reject the item.

The StaySafe adhesive sticks to most container surfaces, including Cambro GoBoxes, without messy residue. One or more labels can be used, depending on container types, for an effective seal. The labels are packaged for convenient dispensing through a cut-out slot, which prevents tearing or unrolling. Each label measures 30 x 50mm and there are 250 in each pack.

For organising storage there are Cambro shelf dividers that can be used on any series of Camshelving. These shelf dividers protect paper delivery bags, containers, and stacked or narrow items such as vacuum-sealed produce packages and squeeze bottles, preventing messy spills and breakage. The dividers can be adjusted and removed easily while maintaining a secure, supportive fit when attached. Designed with slots for air circulation, these dividers maintain a hygienic environment and prevent cross-contamination. They can be used with vented or solid shelf plates, and the optional shelf rails offer added security for shelf contents.