Rational shows advanced bratt pan at NRB 2022

iVario Pro helps busy bars and restaurants increase productivity with fewer staff

Stand C10, NRB22, Manchester Central, 15-16 March

Rational will be taking its most advanced iVario Pro cooking system to NRB22.  The iVario Pro, a technologically advanced bratt pan, helps answer many of the cooking challenges facing restaurant and bar operators today, including staff shortages, the need to increase productivity in a small space, achieving sustainability objectives, delivering consistently high quality cooking results, and reducing running costs. Visitors will also be able to see Rational’s market-leading combi steamer, the iCombi Pro.

The iVario Pro is like having an extra chef in the kitchen, since its intelligent assistants can take over many cooking tasks, letting the kitchen team get on with other work.

One of these intelligent assistants is the iVarioBoost energy management system, which combines precision temperature control with ultra-fast cooking speeds.  Despite being up to four times as fast as conventional cooking systems, iVarioBoost uses up to 40% less energy.

Visitors will also be able to see just how flexible the multifunctional iVario Pro is, replacing a host of appliances including fryers, conventional bratt pans, kettles, pots and pans and pressure cookers.  It can be used to boil, fry, braise, deep fry and sous vide – taking up a fraction of the space of a traditional cookline.

At the same time they’ll be able to check out Rational’s ConnectedCooking platform, which allows users to monitor the cooking system remotely.  ConnectedCooking improves efficiency in a wide range of areas, such as remote uploading of menus, automatic keeping of HACCP logs and notifying service providers if there’s a potential problem.

“Increasingly kitchen planners are seeing the iVario Pro and iCombi Pro as key components in modern kitchen design,” says Sandy Thomassen, director at Rational UK.  “NRB22 is a great opportunity for us to show restaurateurs and bar operators what these cooking systems can achieve for their business.”

RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation cooking systems and, with the iVario Pro and the iCombi Pro multifunctional cooking systems, the company delivers 95% of all conventional cooking applications.  Rational’s ConnectedCooking allows operators to monitor, manage and update their Rational appliances remotely, from a PC, tablet or smartphone.  iKitchen is the combination of the iCombi Pro, iVario Pro and ConnectedCooking – iKitchen delivers the best kitchen management and the best cooking solutions.  For information and brochures, or to find out about free Rational Live online demonstrations, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit www.rational-online.com