Rational gets the ball rolling:

Webinar series on nutrition for athletes and fans starts in July

The stars of football stadiums are not only found on the field, but also in the kitchen.  People like Stefan Pappert and Harry Lomas at Wembley Stadium look after the physical well-being of the players but they don’t forget the fans.

On match days they have to produce up to 90,000 meals, taking into account preferences, intolerances, allergies and all the other aspects of high-volume catering.  Plus, of course, the clubs’ nutritionists have a say.

In the midst of UEFA’s Euro 2020, Stefan, Harry and Simon Lohse, managing director, Rational UK will discuss how to keep track and meet all the requirements at Rational’s first “Championship in Sports Catering” webinar on 1 July 2021, kicking off at 2pm. The webinar will be moderated by Benjamin Nothaft, International Key Account Manager at Rational.

For more information visit www.rational-online.com/en_xx/lp/championship-of-sports-catering/. You can also register there, free of charge.