Hospital Live online: experience the latest Rational cooking systems

Substantial packages of free accessories for attendees purchasing an iCombi Pro or iVario

 Rational was a key partner in the recent Hospital Catering Sector Seminar, which saw over 150 healthcare professionals discuss the latest foodservice topics.  Now the company has launched a series of Hospital Live online events, as part of its ongoing support for the healthcare sector.

At a Hospital Live online chefs and caterers in healthcare can experience Rational’s latest product launches, the iCombi Pro combi steamer and iVario multifunctional cooking system.  During the interactive event, a Rational chef, who specialises in the hospital sector, prepares a full day’s menu, based on a hospital’s requirements.  The menu includes meals and snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for both patients and staff and visitor catering.  Meanwhile, an expert host is on hand to answer any questions or comments and to give advice, via the online chat function.

The Rational chefs reveal how the iCombi Pro and the iVario can increase productivity, reduce cooking times and minimise waste, and how, working in tandem, the two cooking systems can cook a full hospital menu.  They’ll explain the flexibility and ease of use of the Rational control systems, which can reproduce consistently high standards at the push of a button, and show how the self-monitoring programs support busy kitchens by saving staff time.

They’ll also demonstrate the superior energy efficiency and sustainability of both units and show how they provide a fast return on investment.  In addition, Hospital Live online will briefly cover Rational’s ConnectedCooking platform, showing how it maximises operational efficiency and completes the ‘intelligent’ kitchen, helping to future proof the hospital’s catering operations.

Rational’s Hospital Live online features a typical patient’s menu.  Highlights include porridge, a grilled full traditional breakfast, pan fried chicken breasts and pineapple sponge cake.  Meanwhile for restaurant and staff catering the event features dishes such as chicken and pepper fajitas, toasted sandwiches and beef and red wine casserole.

Anyone who purchases a Rational iCombi Pro after attending a Hospital Live online event can claim free stainless steel cooking grids.  If they purchase an iVario they can claim the lowering arm accessory and baskets.  However, there’s more: once they connect their Rational cooking system to ConnectedCooking, the purchaser will receive a further £250 worth of free accessories.

Each Rational Hospital Live online lasts about 45 minutes.  They are free to attend and can be booked at  To find out more, talk to your Rational representative or visit the Rational website.