Taylor’s new twist on ice cream makers

Integrated cleaning system reduces downtime and increases productivity

Taylor UK is now supplying the new Twist range of batch freezers from Frigomat. Designed to make ice cream or gelato, the Twist includes an innovative automatic cleaning system that makes manual cleaning unnecessary, helping to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

The Twist comes in a number of models with different production capacities, from the Twist 35, which makes up to 35kg per day, up to 100kg a day for the Twist 100.  The exact output depends on the product being made and the consistency of the mix. The range of models makes the Twist a great choice for dedicated ice cream or gelato parlours or businesses looking to add frozen treats to their existing offering. It uses Frigomat’s specialist technology, which can freeze a variety of products to the desired consistency, time after time. The process is controlled via a touch screen interface, which contains a number of preset recipes that can be fully customised according to requirements.

Conventional batch freezers require the internal system to be manually cleaned between batches, which is time consuming and requires trained staff to ensure correct sanitisation. What sets the Twist apart is its innovative, fully automatic washing system. This includes integrated water heating, detergent and sanitiser dispensers, and water drainage. Using the touch screen, the operator can choose from a selection of cleaning cycles, each of which has been optimised for a specific purpose. For example, the special “fruit rinse” has a carefully regulated water flow designed to remove fruit seeds used in some blends of ice cream or gelato. Two intensive wash programs use water heated to 60°C: one is designed to degrease the internal system, removing allergens in the process, and one ensures full sanitisation, with the addition of cleaning chemicals.

The automatic cleaning system makes it much easier to create different flavours of product with just one unit, as there’s no need to dismantle and reassemble the internal freezing circuit for cleaning between batches.

With the continued importance of the staycation market in 2021, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to restrict travel, the Twist makes it easier than ever to offer a range of handmade ice creams. As well as equipment, Taylor UK also provides a wide range of ice cream display units, and a full shop fitting service, for businesses thinking of setting up a parlour to meet the growing demand for bespoke ice cream and gelato.

Taylor UK and Hubbard Systems are part of HTG Trading, which has over 40 years’ experience as a foodservice equipment supplier. Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for the market-leading Scotsman range of icemakers. Taylor UK is the exclusive distributor of the Taylor, Frigomat, Pratica and Quality Fry ranges in the UK, and a preferred supplier of ISA and TurboChef equipment.

For more information and details of stockists visit www.scotsman-ice.co.ukorwww.taylor-company.co.uk. For more information about HTG Trading visit www.htgtrading.co.u