Cambro’s new GoBox Flip Lid makes meal delivery safer

FEM now supplying new hinged flip lid giving easy access while maintaining hygiene levels in food delivery.

FEM is now supplying the Cambro GoBox EPP180 Top Loading Food Box with a hinged flip lid, along with the Flip Lid on its own which is compatible with the pre-existing GoBox range. These are ideal for businesses expanding their food deliveries as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cambro’s GoBox range of thermally insulated carrier boxes can keep food, both hot and cold, at a safe temperature for up to four hours. Constructed from dishwasher safe expanded polypropylene, the GoBox is a lightweight yet robust storage or delivery solution.

The EPP180 GoBox with the hinged flip lid means operators can access only the items they need while ensuring the contents are kept secure without having to remove the lid entirely. With a capacity of 46-litres, it’s large enough to hold GN 1/1 pans.

The new Flip Lid for EPP food boxes has a durable plastic hinge allowing for fast access to delivery items while reducing handling and potential contamination. The hinged flip lid fits most Cam GoBox Top Loading food transporters and is specially designed for hot and cold mobile meal delivery.

As well as making the GoBox ideal for quick and safe delivery, the Flip Lid also allows the GoBox to be used as a storage solution for front-of-house. Items can be stored within reach of staff in a safe and hygienic manner cutting down the movement of staff and aiding social distancing in the kitchen environment. Easily flip the lid for safe and secure stacking or serving.

The EPP180FL GoBox is 400mm wide by 600mm deep by 316mm high. The GoBox Flip Lid has the same dimensions for width and depth but is just 40mm high.