Williams guides explain how to recommission fridges and coldrooms post-lockdown

Find out what needs to be done to get your refrigeration working again safely

As the restrictions around lockdown begin to ease, Williams has published guides about returning fridges, freezers and coldrooms that were decommissioned back into service.

These guides explain every step required to ensure equipment is ready to begin being used as soon as needed, while avoiding the problems that can arise if not done correctly. There are two guides for each equipment type, one covering the key points of both decommissioning and restarting the equipment and the second going into the process in more depth.

The in-depth guides outline a set of tasks broken down into three categories – user guidance, electrical safety and engineering advice. This allows operators to quickly work out exactly what they need to do and begin making the necessary arrangements with minimal disruption.

For example, with refrigerators special attention needs to be paid to ensuring the safety of the electrical system and the condenser unit. The guide includes detailed information about how to clean the condenser, and, if required, the tests that an engineer may need to be carry out on the electric systems in advance of switching it back on.

The shorter guides concisely summarise the processes for both decommissioning and recommissioning in one handy sheet, which also includes important notes about other steps that might need to be taken depending on certain types of equipment.

Williams also provides full support for any operators with further questions or specific issues that need to be resolved – contact details are on the Williams website. Meanwhile the guides can be found in the guides section on the Williams website.