The temperature’s rising

Utopia’s non-contact infrared thermometers make it easy to check people’s temperature

Simple temperature measurements can be a quick indication if someone is harbouring an infection such as Covid-19. With hospitality businesses re-opening, some are putting into place plans to regularly temperature check staff as a safety precaution. However, the thermometers used need to be fit for purpose.

As part of its Serve and Protect range designed to help the hospitality industry get up and running safely for both staff and customers Utopia is offering Berrcom non-contact infrared thermometers. Berrcom is an established name in the medical field and these thermometers use proprietary infrared sensor technology to give easy to understand, reliable results every time.

With a measuring distance of between 3 – 5cm the handheld non-contact thermometers eliminate cross contamination and can be used for up to 100,000 readings. They are very easy to use and If the temperature registers more than 38°C there is an audible alarm.

Temperature accuracy is within ± 0.3°C and the is an automatic power-off function. Display can be adjusted to either Centigrade or Fahrenheit.