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Guide to frozen milkshakes explains how they can boost your business

Shakes and smoothies are a popular treat all year round, but particular during summertime. Making them by hand can be a time consuming process, and one that requires skill to be consistent.

In order to get a thick, long lasting frozen milkshake many companies are investing in dedicated milkshake freezers. Taylor UK has written a comprehensive guide setting out all the information required to pick the right equipment for a range of businesses.

Frozen milkshakes offer businesses a great opportunity to stand out from the competition by creating unique options. This includes flavours, but they can also be adapted to fit in with most dietary requirements, including dairy-free.

Picking the right machine for any business depends on the room available, as well as an idea of the amount of product needed on a daily basis, taking into account any peaks of demand.

Smaller businesses might be able to manage with a countertop unit. For example, the Taylor 430 is a compact unit powered from a 13 amp supply. Despite its size, it can produce up to 40 litres of shake every hour and has an internal capacity of 13 litres. Businesses looking to make milkshakes a larger part of their offer might want to consider the Taylor 432. This is a larger countertop with two separate freezing chambers, allowing for vegan product to be served alongside dairy with no risk of cross contamination.

The trade off with smaller machines is the increased frequency of maintenance required. Larger businesses with high demand will be better off with a larger unit. Models like the PH61 are designed for the fast food industry. It’s capable of producing up to 300 litres an hour, with an in-built syrup system that allows it to dispense five flavours.  It also features a magic eye that stops dispensing product automatically, without needing operator input. Its integral heat treatment system means it only requires maintenance and cleaning every fourteen days.

These more powerful units are larger, and need dedicated power supplies, so it’s important to make sure operators are getting the right machine.

Taylor’s guide also explains custom options, like the Flavor Burst system that increases the total potential flavours by eight, or the spinner blender that makes stirring in additional ingredients easy, to help make a truly unique final product.

To learn more about adding frozen milkshakes to a business and to book a free consultation, visit Taylor UK’s guide at