Rotisserie cooking just got a whole lot easier

FEM launches the new Alto-Shaam Self-Cleaning Electric Rotisserie

Whilst chicken is often said to be ‘finger-licking good’, less appealing is the time-consuming and laborious washing of the equipment that’s used to cook it. Now FEM has unveiled the perfect solution, Alto-Shaam’s new Self-Cleaning Electric Rotisserie (AR-7T). It allows operators to focus on cooking rather than cleaning.

The hands-free self-cleaning function not only saves time, but also resources, by using 35% less water than traditional models during the automatic cleaning process. The washing system has a pre-programmed sanitising sequence and features a 30 minute rinse cycle. Meanwhile, to ensure complete hygiene, there is a built-in automatic grease collection system. During cooking, this pumps excess grease into containers. These can be safely and easily wheeled away once full.

When it comes to keeping up with demands of hungry diners, the seven angled spits offer the mouth-watering prospect of being able to cook 28 chickens at once. A double-pane glass door and illuminated interior allow customers to see the crisping and browning of the birds. A choice of seven browning levels enables operators to select their perfect cooking results.

Built-in user-friendly technology is key to the easy operation, with a touchscreen control panel providing options for multi-level cooking. This includes pre-heat, two cook settings and hold and cool down stages. A USB port makes it simple to upload new recipes onto the appliance.

The Alto-Shaam Self-Cleaning Electric Rotisserie measures 1032mm wide by 1113mm deep by 813mm high.