Bob and Nevis get tough at the bar

Utopia’s latest toughened beer glasses offer style and longevity

Utopia has introduced Bob and Nevis to the bartender’s arsenal of glassware. Bob and Nevis beer glasses are comfortable companions in any bar setting. They are made from toughened glass designed to stand up to the hurly-burly of modern pubs and bars.

With a classic curvy, hour glass shape, these beer glasses are suitable for serving lager, bitter, craft ales, stout or cider. They both feature a nucleated base for longer lasting bubbles and an incredibly resistant build. Their quality toughened glass manufacture gives an impressive performance and great transparency.

The 20oz Nevis pint glass has a slimline, waisted shape while Bob is a little squatter, adding a modern twist to a refreshing serve. CE marked, Bob and Nevis are fully dishwasher safe and available in boxes of twelve.